My Current Thoughts: As Expressed Through…

Twitter. Which seems to be like the only thing I have patience for.

9 days until graduation…so 9 tweets seem appropriate. +1 for good luck.










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My Current Thoughts: As Expressed Through…

6 thoughts on “My Current Thoughts: As Expressed Through…

  1. Don says:

    I remember a few of those tweets. I even favorited the “stay focused.” I recall laughing at the one where you spoke of putting fruit in your wine and fancy hashtag. Lol.

    9 more days…

    You did it. Congratulations. I’m sure your readers feel like we attending class with you and will be graduating as well.

    1. Thanks Don, I feel you have personally offered me some great words of strength and genuine concern. You were there before Howard happened for me, that means you know a lot of things that I didn’t necessarily share on this space. And still, I made it. And you will too.

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