What’s Rockin’ My World: Post-Grad Edition

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Thoughts I wake up to:

1. What time is it?

2. Is school really over?

3. What should I do now?

4. I’m bored.

5. I’m hungry.

6. I’m bored.

7. When will I ever see my classmates all together again?

8. I’m sad.

9. I’m broke!

10. I need a job.

Then I watch my Department’s Happy Video and it makes me remember all the good memories! It’s the end, but it’s also the beginning.


6 thoughts on “What’s Rockin’ My World: Post-Grad Edition

  1. Yep. Video is boss. Lots of fun and excitement, from beginning to end. Y’all are jammin’. Also, I just saw the post-grad Vine video you tweeted and imagined and said to myself, “Trace knows she needs to stop it.” Lol.

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