GlobeTracer is 3 Today!

My life when I began GlobeTracer consisted of a true teaching of “going with the flow.” Although I was living in Paradise (better known as Costa Rica) I was working through a lot of growing pains. I “moved” to Costa Rica knowing I wanted to 1) work and 2) volunteer. I didn’t have a job when I moved there, and I hadn’t secured where I would be volunteering either. I lived day to day learning to appreciate the process.

JUNE 2011


Don't call me bag lady.
Don’t call me bag lady.

Animal CR Horsey CR MA ATV CR MA

My life now. I’m a recent graduate, I live in a city…and I’m transitioning from student to professional again in a field I’ve fallen in love with!

MAY 2014


As is the tradition…my blog-o-versary handwritten letter. Click below.

GT 3 year

For past blog-o-versaries, click GT year 1, GT year 2.



Things I’m Not Sposta Say…


SHE shares morning tea

7 Things I don’t Pretend to be Good At





GlobeTracer is 3 Today!

10 thoughts on “GlobeTracer is 3 Today!

  1. Three years is a long time. You will love going back to read your blog years later. Thanks for mentioning me in your letter. I’ll get back to blogging soon to share more about me wanting to travel.

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