What Depression Feels Like: PSA

Or You’re Not Alone...

5. Depression feels like wondering if anything could ever completely take it away.

4. Depression feels like deafening silence with no one to check in on you. It feels like running hot water on your skin until you can’t bear the heat anymore.

3. Depression feels like your bed is your best friend or your worst enemy.

2. Depression feels like your thoughts have waged war on you.

1. Depression feels like a wasted life.

“According to the National Mental Health Association, depression has often been misdiagnosed in the African American community. Approximately 63% of African Americans believe that depression is a “personal weakness,” compared to the overall survey average of 54%. Only 31% of African Americans believe that depression is a “health” problem.”

If you, or anyone you love needs help call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

You’re not alone, someone is here to listen.


What Depression Feels Like: PSA

2 thoughts on “What Depression Feels Like: PSA

  1. Don says:

    It can be conquered and I’m living proof. It doesn’t happen overnight. One day at a time is what it takes. Remember to build upon the good things. The good things will add up.

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