I AM… #30Days30Layers

Curly girl

I am…

  • committed to learning more about what makes me tick. What makes me happy? What keeps me motivated?
  • committed to writing and uncovering what I really desire. At this point, it’s hard to know what I truly want. What I think I want, leaves me empty. I put forth effort, and then I feel robbed.
  • not to be put in a box. But when I feel beautiful I admire the unruliness of my curls, the perfect blend of sabor imparted to me by my sassy mother, and the characteristics I am not aware of which came from my father.
  • Afro, and I am also Latina.
  • more than a beauty. I have thoughts. I have desires. I have light.
  • a brat when I’m sick.
  • I am moving away from seeking attention for the sake of attention.
  • a woman who wants to experience a little person growing inside of her.
  • a woman who still needs her mami.
  • a woman who doesn’t have it all together.
  • a woman who likes being irresponsible.
  • I am moving with the knowledge that I ain’t supposed to know it all. Life is a classroom.
  • a woman who craves being marveled at.
  • I am moving against the idea that I’m not worthy.
  • I am moving toward accepting me, the beautiful and not so pretty parts. The little girl who suffered cannot be a perpetual victim as an adult. 
  • I am blessed. I can walk in that victory.



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30 layers quiet new

I AM… #30Days30Layers

10 thoughts on “I AM… #30Days30Layers

  1. Kushite Prince says:

    Nice post. Good to see you again. That’s a beautiful pic of you. You’re Afro Latina? I didn’t know that. What are you? Cuban? Puerto Rican? Dominican?

  2. iamsunnyd says:

    I love this and hopefully I will follow along!!! I love your list thus far, show how much you are growing and moving forward!!

    1. Definitely do it! Even if it’s just for yourself and not made public. It’s always hard for me to do 30-day challenges but I’m going at my own pace and that’s okay!

    1. I’m trying but it’s been a busy month! I remember trying to read your blog a while back and it was password protected, so I’m glad it’s back and open to the public!

      How are you?

      1. I am trying to mentally answer some of the prompts on the list. I tell ya, it is no easy task digging within. You know, I locked it believing that those who followed my blog would be able to read it.

        I’m good. Every day I move farther from where I used to be and I try to remember to remind myself of it. Thank you for asking. 🙂

    1. Yea that’s just a prompt, I haven’t gotten that far down on the list yet but I plan to continue writing on the prompts that speak the most to me, at my own pace. 🙂

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