2015 Came In: What’s Rockin’ My World


It’s really hard to say how I feel about the beginning of 2015. It’s only 20 days in and its come in like a storm. I’m learning how to cope with some of the news, and some days are good while others I don’t care much for getting out of bed. I’m still a part of the group psychotherapy however I’m starting to feel like I would benefit from individual therapy for a couple of months. I’ve even considered being evaluated for anti-depressants. The group has started to feel very crowded (there’s a total of 8 members) and although all 8 don’t come for every session, I always feel like my quiet demeanor gets lost and I don’t feel like competing for the “floor” right now.

I’m not in crisis mode. This year won’t get the best of me. I plan to make vacations a priority, even if it’s a small get-away every other month. Also, I will be 30 this year. I really don’t know where my 20’s went. However, I plan to bring in this birthday doing something DIFFERENT. No party. No exhausting birthday dinner where the check comes and everyone is calculating how much they owe down to the last penny. Just me doing something I love with those I love. Das it.

In no particular order, here’s what’s rocking my world:

  • The “documentary” Light Girls premiered on #OWN last night. I hadn’t watched the sister show “Dark Girls” but I was very much interested and curious on what the conversation would be about. Black Twitter, of course, had a ball going in deciding on what women on the show could be considered “Light” and which ones were actually “Medium.” I’m not here for that conversation. I really did want to hear the narratives and what topics would be uncovered. Here are just some tweets from last night:



Most people seemed furious over the show. I do admit, with good reason. The documentary seemed all over the place and not well-organized. Mostly, they had so many random “speakers” from comedians to celebrities to random doctors and I just couldn’t follow. I think they tried to “touch on” too many subtopics that they didn’t master honing in on one topic and expounding on that. I’m not sure if you watched or what you thought, but feel free to share.

  • I am more than halfway through my Clinical Fellowship. Hallelujah. I’ll be certified this year!
  • I didn’t get to take the mother-daughter trip I wanted to in December like I wanted to. I planned it too late. However, we are heading to Jamaica in April and I’m uber excited about it! I’ve decided on Montego Bay!
  • I know what my book is going to be about! Just have to get on a schedule to start and work through it!
  • I start re-paying my student loans next month. I know this is a big step for me. Budgeting has to be a priority now.
  • I cannot wait for Spring! This winter hasn’t been too brutal so I just hope it stays that way!
  • I haven’t seen Selma but I heard amazing things about it. I’ll think about going to see it.

What’s Rocking Your World this Month?

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2015 Came In: What’s Rockin’ My World

12 thoughts on “2015 Came In: What’s Rockin’ My World

  1. I love these post from you. I haven’t seen that show on OWN, I need to check it out.
    The 20s do fly by pretty fast, that’s the best way to spend the day.
    I have been laying around being lazy, I have school next week. Booo

  2. “What’s rocking your world this month?”

    Fitness. I have made fitness and overall health a top priority. I realized over the years that I have catered to the needs of others while neglecting my own. To value myself is to take care of myself.

    1. I want to start taking dance classes again, and I am starting with one a week. It’s hard to do anything during the work week so I have to push myself on my days off. What I really need to change are my eating habits as well.

  3. I love the redesign and your take on Light Girls, I haven’t seen either, honestly, because it seems like the TV equivalent of click bait. Yay for your trip and your book! I can’t wait to see what else 2015 has in store for you!

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