What are some of your quirky habits?


Ever think about how some of your habits might be universal? Meaning there might be some minor idiosyncracy you think is unique, and in all actuality there are plenty of people on this great big universe who imagine, react, process and reason just like you. Moments like this remind me that the world is not as big as it seems. It puts a big smile on my face to think, I’m not the only one who…

  • Looks at the time, and if it happens to be 7:10- I shout ‘It’s my birthday’
  • If I ever see a paper posting in a public area or space for a job, apartment, or anything being sold/advertised that I want, I make sure to tear that paper down. #nocompetition
  • When I was younger and me and my little brother had to share chips I would open up his pack, pour some of his…

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