What’s in My Cross-Body?


I don’t do purses.

  1. small bobby pin
  2. 2 pens
  3. Carmex (vanilla flavor)
  4. $16
  5. tampon
  6. receipts (lots of them)
  7. pencil
  8. cardholder for DC license, 2 debit cards, business cards, insurance card, BJ’s card, ASHA member card, etc.
  9. change
  10. iPhone

What’s in Your Wallet/Purse?

What’s in My Cross-Body?

2 thoughts on “What’s in My Cross-Body?

  1. pens, Tylenol, debit card, receipts from things that don’t matter, lip gloss that I never use, and most importantly chewing gum…lots of change. Maybe I should clean it out at some point lol

    1. Old lip gloss! lol I use the EOS ball now which is fine but sometimes doesn’t fit in my cross-body or wrist-let. Chewing gum is important, however mint makes me hungry so I don’t like chewing it. I should keep some in my car though, in addition to all the snacks I keep in my car.

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