She’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day


Today started as a typical morning except that a headache woke me up. I proceed to take some Aleve as I usually do for headaches or cramps. I’d woken up earlier than usual and I decided to start getting ready so as to be “paperwork”¬†productive with the remainder of the time I had left. I usually do not wake up early to do work but I am always thinking about “time” to steal out of the busy day to dedicate to paperwork. This has been the case for a couple of months now.

An hour later, I realized the headache had not gone away and I was feeling nauseated. Had it been what I had to drink last night? I didn’t drink anything out of the usual. Food poisoning from dinner I made? No, that takes 24 hours to set in. I could not put my finger on it. I decided to drive to my group therapy and pray that I felt better before the morning was over. I had an observation set for today at my school site and still had evening clinic. The nausea got worse with the heat and bumpiness of the ride. I really hate throwing up, but I’m aware it’s the doorway to feeling better sometimes. I wasn’t going to force it though. When I arrived to therapy, I decided to stop at the pharmacy and pick up some Peptobismol and water. I don’t drink enough water, which I’m sure does not help. I would only take the Pepto after I let my body try to figure out what it was going to do. If I needed to expel, I figured I shouldn’t take Pepto to stop that from happening. 2 hours later, nothing happened but I still felt horrible.

I drove myself to my school site, and decided I would call out of evening clinic. I could not imagine driving for another hour in that miserable state. I somehow managed to see the three students I had to do make-up for, was observed by my supervisor, got her written feedback, finished my documentation and called it a day.

The drive home was still uncomfortable and the traffic didn’t help. The headache felt really strong and the nausea made me feel like any sharp turn would cause me to react. When I made it home, I had never been happier walking through my door. I took off all my clothes, turned the AC up and laid in bed. 2 hours and a thunderstorm later, I am here typing how I survived my terrible, horrible, no-good very bad day.

It wasn’t all bad, however. During therapy I got to do some releasing which had been overdue. I wish I could continue my therapy once a week every week, but unfortunately work gets in the way. I started to think how stressful life has been to the point and that I am burned out. I’ve heard this term used before when it comes to my field, I just have never been able to identify the symptoms. I am sure the today’s extended discomfort was in part due to exhaustion, work overload and extended stress. I’ve always been able to manage a sense of having a lot on my plate but today my body said “Nah….chill out.” And I’m glad I listened.

She’s Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day

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