Thoughts During An All Day Work Training

Can you stay off social media during meetings?
Can you stay off social media during (extended) meetings?

I’m sleepy

I hope I don’t have to talk to people.

I’m hungry

*updates books on GoodReads*

I need a break.

My brain hurts. This tew much.

That did not answer my question, ma’am.

I can’t wait for HH later.

When is it too soon to ask a former professor out for drinks?

Found a new blog!

*Leaves comment on blog*

I should leave comments more often.

School-based sites use too many acronyms.

Yasss!! Use that school-based verbiage.

I should really pay attention now.

*checks Twitter*

I need a quick getaway.

*checks Delta website*

It’s cold in here.

30 more minutes!

*Scrolls through Timeline*

How long until lunch?

What are some of your favorite ways to kill time during meetings?



10 thoughts on “Thoughts During An All Day Work Training

  1. Looks around at the heads if my coworkers attempts to figure out why they keep asking g the same stupid question every meeting.
    It’s cold
    I don’t care what yall say I’m gone after a year at this job, stepping stone baby
    When I get home I’m sleeping
    Why do we have so many woman working her.
    Lol I live in my head I could so go in. And I diddle and pretend to write lol

  2. Hilarious. This is too good and too funny. I’ve experienced more than a few of these thoughts, myself, especially sleepy, hungry, counting down in 30 minute intervals and thoughts on lunch.

  3. Why is this my life in it’s entirety? Could that meeting have been an email? Someone really needs to look into these things! Thanks so much for this post and for making me laugh.

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