Texts I Save (2015)

Text messages relevant in my current world.

“You don’t feel the love and are not showing love.” -someone I love

“Hey! What’s your address? You left your brush was going to drop it in the mail.” -Nicole

“But that’s the thing, I believe we have multiple soul mates. Specifically bcuz it would make no sense in this big ass world to have only 1.” -a friend

“I don’t see myself asking for kisses over dinner.” 

Okay sweetie-pie. So, is everything okay with you? -Mama H.

“I’ll always love you and be here for you.” -Rosemarie

Hi. Hope you’re fighting the good fight. – Wendell

Hey im speaking from experience. Love is a contact sport -Taron

Such is life,


Texts I Save (2015)

9 thoughts on “Texts I Save (2015)

  1. “Such is life” that line always cracks me up. The soul mate text is exactly how I feel. I save text messages and voicemails. However, all my voicemails deleted when I got a new phone. *bummer

    1. I literally laughed when I read this because I delete texts when I’m trying to “forget” someone too. I become fixated on texts when I miss someone. Like trying to read/see something that wasn’t there the first time. What really made me laugh was how in 2013 I didn’t have the luxury of having as many threads on my phone as I do now, so I had to narrow down the texts I want to save.

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