Voicemail’s I Haven’t Checked: Part 3

VM'sWe are in 2015. If it’s an emergency, I’m sure there’s a text or multiple calls involved. Ain’t nobody got time.… But I still appreciate them!

Good morning sweetie. I’m sorry I was getting ready because I have a doctor’s appointment um so call me back whenever you get a chance okay. Hope everything’s okay. Love you, talk to you later, bye.

*singing* You used to call me on my cellphone. Late night when you need my love, call me on my cellphone. Late night when you need my love.

Hey Tracey, um, this is Jaael you left me a message recently stating to call you. I’m giving you a call, it was really nice to hear from you, um… and I’m looking forward to, um, hopefully catching up, um so yea we’ll talk soon. Bye.

Ms. _____ _____, or is it changed? I’m not sure… maybe you’re married now. So you’re calling to wish me happy 6th anniversary of ____ _____, LLC. I’m sure that’s the reason you called on October 29th. Six years ago I was sent packing. Remember that? Anyway, I was in court all day. I’m done now. Give me a call or text. Let me know what’s going on. Miss ya. Where are you? DC? Where? Bye.

Traceyyyyy Happy Halloween, I was calling you back. Give me a call when you get a chance. Alright, talk to you later. Bye.

Hey Tracey, it’s Nicole give me a call back um when you get a chance.

Read Part Two here (Voicemails I don’t delete).

And Part One here.

Do you think Voicemail’s are going to become obsolete? Shouldn’t there be an easier way by now?


Voicemail’s I Haven’t Checked: Part 3

3 thoughts on “Voicemail’s I Haven’t Checked: Part 3

  1. LOL, thanks for sharing and I think voicemails will remain. I don’t dare share the ones I get because I wish my life was boring with but a mother is this mental ill.. she outburst random things via voicemail when off her meds. I still have ones she left me from a month or two ago just I can show here how messey she is when she doesn’t remember. LOL

    But hey that’s all apart of my life.

    1. Yea when I think about how answering machines were a big part of our lives, and how that’s pretty obsolete, now home phones are going in the same direction… I just wonder if there really is a need anymore.
      Sounds like you have a lot to juggle, childrens/work/family. How do you even find time to blog and do podcasts?

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