VLOG: When You Don’t Feel Valued as a Professional (SLP)

She shares Pro’s and Con’s of working in a school building full time as a speech and language pathologist:


  • I love the population I work with. (Learn more about autism here.)
  • I’m  learning how to manage a large caseload.
  • Therapy is not a one-size fits all, I’m getting creative on how to meet my student’s individualized needs.
  • I like some of the experiences of being fully immersed in a school.


  • People, people, people!! (better known as Co-workers)
  • When you don’t feel respected as a professional.
  • When you have a hard time collaborating with teachers.

How do you (as an SLP or a member of the IEP team) manage working with difficult people or teachers? Have you ever worked on a school team that didn’t value your input as a professional?



VLOG: When You Don’t Feel Valued as a Professional (SLP)

4 thoughts on “VLOG: When You Don’t Feel Valued as a Professional (SLP)

  1. I believe sometimes people do their jobs, but their hearts are in the right places. You might be so eager to help all these children, but other people are thinking about themselves. Like you said it’s not about you guys it’s about the children. I know exactly how you feel and what you’re talking about. Sometimes when I go into IEP meetings or even meetings, I could tell who is doing it for the money who is doing it with their hearts. I also think that part of the responsibility belongs to the parents, the parent should be up-to-date with their children IEP. And if They do not understand the system they should ask questions. It took me a while to understand the system, and even after knowing, still make mistakes. Like not reading everything In her documents. So it’s everybody’s job, not just the schools or the people in charge of providing services, but the parents also need to be involved more so things won’t be so outdated and our children will get the proper Services. I am sorry you had a rough day. . Sometimes the enemy doesn’t like the fact that you’re trying so hard to help God’s children and he will do everything to drain you. You’re fresh, heart is in the right place and with a clear pair of eyes, of course you’re going to meet opposition. Some people are use to doing thing their way, some don’t want to do their jobs (lazy) and then you have the ones who are thinking, ‘who does she think she is?’ Like you kept saying, keep in mind why you’re there and who you are working/advocating for. We need more people like you, The unsung heroes, who fight for our children. I love you for that!!! I do Believe that every place will not be the same. I believe that it might just be the people that you’re around right now. Pray for them… In life, sometimes God gives us all perspective. I wish you all the best in all your endeavors and I do pray that you will come across better coworkers and a better system in the future; wherever God places you.

    1. I hope so, too. And you help me remember the parent’s perspective as well (which is very helpful.) It’s hard to put myself in their shoes since I am not a parent myself. However, sometimes I think parents feel very intimidated and overwhelmed at meetings, which is understandable. I’ve seen both end of the spectrum, parents that don’t show up at all to parents that are fighting us for the sake of it. Never a dull day. 🙂

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