How I did with 2016 Resolutions: VLOG

Hi All! Happy November. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a vlog. In this vlog, I recap my progress on the goals I set out in 2016. Here’s that original post. And here is where I got the printable PDF of the list (The year on the page gets updated after the new year.)



How I did with 2016 Resolutions: VLOG

7 thoughts on “How I did with 2016 Resolutions: VLOG

    1. Writing your goals down is the first step into achieving them. I have my goals everywhere. I put them on a dry erase board and placed it on the fridge. Since I have to eat everyday, I am forced to look at them and keep them in my mind. They’re also pinned on my phone. I look at them as soon as I wake up and all through the day. The more you think about them, the more you take the necessary steps to achieve them.

  1. I have done pretty good on my goals. I knocked a few big ones out this year. I wanted to move to a new city as well, but I have my sister living with me. So I have to wait on that one šŸ˜’. Something I do that is different tho, is that I start my new year on my birthday being that it is a new year for me.

    1. I love crossing things off the list, it’s very gratifying. The move will come, when it’s time. It’s a blessing that you can be there for your sister. I think setting goals for your birthday is smart, I did it one year and then realized that there’s a difference between “life goals” and short term goals.

      1. You’re right the move will happen when it’s time for it to happen. I guess I needed to hear that message. I know I am helping but at the same time I stressing over not having my complete freedom. A close friend and I typed up our short, long and life goals a few months ago and sent them to each other. We make sure each other are on our toes! Accountability partners help as well. Well at least with people that find friendly competition to be healthy.

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