She Shares Morning Tea

Hello lovelies!

My iPad didn’t want me to be great today, but I still wanted to share what’s rockin’ my world. If you get to the end, you’ll see why.

Video highlights:

My bra-less life

New Hair/New Lashes

Big Move!

What’s Rockin’ Your World as of late?



She Shares Morning Tea

5 thoughts on “She Shares Morning Tea

  1. Awwww, you sound and look so happy!!! Congratulations on everything. I’m hoping to move next year this time. From NYC to Orlando Florida.
    Love it when you say, “we, we are.” 😀 I wish I could do the bra-less thing too, sounds so freeing.
    Hmmmm 🤔 What’s new in my world. I’m about to change school and is about start the job hunt. I look forward to summer.

    1. Girl all this time I didn’t know you were in NYC. Are you moving for work, family or a calmer life? Florida has great weather, I just can’t imagine living there. Summer! I want it to come, but it always leaves so fast!

  2. Yes, I’ve been living in New York for way too long. I hate the weather, the cold is getting to me. I also believe it affects my mood. (I’m an old woman) 😂 Yes, a calmer life. I went there recently for vacation and love it… Can’t wait to read about what you think of your new place.

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