Things I’m Passionate About: The Short List


In no particular order:

10. The treatment and identification of children who speak dialects and other languages in the scope of special education.

9. The #BlackandMissing, including those young people forced into sex trafficking.

8. Writing a book/ Writing in General

7. Autism

6. Food and Cooking

5. Traveling off-the-beaten-path

4. Lack of diversity in providers of speech-language pathology services

3. Adoption

2. Family in the scope of mental health. My own commitment to self-care and self-awareness.

1. Books. But fiction is better. 🙂

And one more: cultivating and maintaining my friendships.

What are some things you are passionate about?


Things I’m Passionate About: The Short List

8 thoughts on “Things I’m Passionate About: The Short List

  1. How wonderful! Your list is humbling. I pray you complish everything on your list.

    I can’t say I have a list of anything, but there are things I would like to get done with. Like the book I started over a year ago. I need to be committed to attending church every week. Read my bible daily. Career-wise I work with intellectually disabled adults, which is so fulfilling. I’m thinking of also adding mental illness but worrying about bringing my work home with me.

    1. Hi Shian! What book is that? I’ve slowly started reading Mothers by Brit Bennett, it’s good so far. I didn’t know you did that type of work, so we have a lot of things in common! Any vacations on the horizon?

      1. I just read the synopsis on Amazon. Seems like an interesting book. Tell me what you think whenever you’re through. My book is, The Collected Autobiographies of Maya Angelou. I’m up to ‘Gather Together in my Name.’ I enjoy her writing style and soak up her wisdom and humility…. Yes we do. 😊

        I am so tempted to get up and go somewhere, preferably the Bahamas, I always wanted to go there. All my vacations will have to be staycations. I’m saving to buy a home. Last January I went to LA to celebrate my husband’s which was fun and April I took my daughter to Disney in Orlando. That was the best, felt like a kid again. I didn’t want to leave.

      2. Hopefully I finish this book, sounds like some very heavy reading you’re doing.
        Saving to buy a home is definitely worth it! We just got into our condo so we are thinking about short weekend trips, haven’t decided on anywhere yet. I know it has to be near water though. I love California, want to go and see San Francisco once and for all.

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