1. I’m a tica by birth. I love everything Costa Rica. It is truly a blessing to be from Paradise.
  2. I spent the majority of my life living in New York City. It shaped me and will forever be in my heart. I finally left NYC at the age of 26, not looking back.
  3. I’m an adventurer. I’ve always been excited by the idea of just going. Taking a trip, no matter the length of time, stirs up passion inside me.
  4. I’m a writer. Duh, right?
  5. I’m a survivor. I’ve dealt with depression for the majority of my life. Today, I’m in consistent talk therapy (no drugs, though.) I’m not ashamed.
  6. I’m a cat lover! But I have to love them from a distance. (Sad face)
  7. I love Twitter. So follow me, let’s talk! @TracitaLinda


13 thoughts on “Who is She?: 7 Things

  1. It sounds like an amazing journey. I have been wanting to take a sabbatical/furlough for years. I’m working up to (mentally and financially) be able to do just that in the future at some point. God speed sis!!!

  2. Hi…thanks for visiting and commenting on Vocal Matters. Love meeting a fellow journey woman. Perhaps we can co-inspire to inspire each other and others! On a personal note, I want to grasp the secret to this statement “Travel is never a matter of money but of courage” and will be looking to you to show me the way. Blessings on all your journeys!

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