Rockin’ My World: Winter Edition

Look up Eddie, say cheeseeeee

Things that are rocking my world currently:

  • Winter has made an appearance. WAAAAAAAHHH! I really can’t complain too much because it’s almost February. 
  • Family came from California for Inauguration and I got to spend time with my baby cousin (pictured above doing his “cheeseeeee”).
  • My room has been so cold (since my heat is temperamental) that it got me sick this week.
  • I have a sweet schedule this semester. 3 long days of classes and clinic and 4 day weekends! #icanttrustmyself
  • I have adult patients this semester- it’s a bit intimidating, but a nice change from the school-aged population.
  • I might go to New Orleans for Spring Break. That’s if I decide not to do an alternative Spring Break in Haiti. 
  • I’ve had distrust for mental health professionals for a long time, but I’ve decided to join a group therapy session and I’m excited about it.
  • Still undecided on taking the jump and starting dreds. Verdict is deadlocked.
  • My favorite new Pandora station: Lianne La Havas.
Ms. Lianne
  • Obsessed with men’s shoes for women.


  • Got to see Maura this weekend, although not under the best circumstances.
  • With every Christmas that comes and goes, my mom and I seem to look younger and younger. 🙂
Christmas 2011


Christmas 2012

What’s currently rocking your world?

Rockin’ My World: Winter Edition

She Celebrates

I’m ready for my photo-op with Mrs. Obama…

Today, I’m 27. *Slaps cheeks* for Home Alone scream(!!!!)

A couple of weeks ago, I put together a superficial birthday post but as today drew close the Cancerian in me needed to exponge something deeper. Something worth re-reading. A year ago this time, I only needed a picture to remind me of how I spent my 26th birthday. I entitled that post, Gozar es Bailar or Joy is Dancing. Dancing is one of those simple joys in life. DANCING IS… energy, colors, anticipation, desperation and escape. As I celebrated my 26th birthday last year, dancing salsa represented freedom, lust, self-love and release.

This year, I’m not dancing salsa on my birthday. Instead, my fingers are dancing across this keyboard as I reflect how I turned wishes/words into actions.

Last fall, I went back to school for my pre-requisites in a Speech Language Pathology accelerated program.

I finished said Certificate with a 3.6 GPA.

I applied to 4 grad schools, got accepted to two, one of them being my dream school.

This fall, I’ll be starting my Master’s in Speech Language Pathology at my dream school, in a new City.

In essence, I’ve already got the best birthday gift this year even before July 10th rolled around. I got ACCEPTANCE. I don’t take ALL the credit for that because I’m humbled by how God works. Just when I’m already formulating Plan B, C, and D… God reminds me that Rejection is not the where the story ends.

27 is the year I’m focusing on my career and moving to an amazing new city. I’m ready to leave my mark somewhere new. It’s a huge year of transition, one that I pray is followed by stability– a home of my own, a new community, a challenge for growth and perseverance, peace of mind and a fulfilling professional and personal network.

Someone once told me not to trust anyone by anything but their footprints. Footprints represent action. Think about it- no one thinks footprints. I recently re-blogged an awesome reflection post from Uzair Ahmad entitled “I’ve Learned.” The author shares his realizations about life. I have been slowly digesting the small nuggets of wisdom shared in this post, and I thought I would reiterate those that speak to me the most today. Maybe one will leave an imprint in your heart, mind, or spirit.

(From Uzair)

I’ve learned . . . .
that love, not time, heals all wounds.

I’ve learned . . . .
that no matter how much I care,
some people just don’t care back.

(From Globe Tracer)

I’ve learned. . .

that during bad times, put on your best face.

that anyone who tells you they don’t want anything from you, lies.

that what you focus on, increases.

that you’ll never be as young as you are right NOW.

that sometimes we need to put our LOUD worlds on mute, and take in the simple joys…

that no matter how much I want to my birthday to go unnoticed and be like a normal day, I LIE!!

Happy Birthday to ME!

Thankful to God for another year at life,


She Celebrates

I Do

Psyched ya mind! She ain’t jumped the broom.

Wedding season has begun. I don’t know if that’s technically correct in terms of when most weddings get underway but at least for me, the season has begun. I am only planning to attend one engagement party and one more wedding this year, but it’s still hard to be 2 months shy of my 27th birthday and wonder When my turn?

It warms my heart to see young people get murried. Doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, black or white, I’m not the girl at weddings criticizing the decorations, color schemes, or even the plates I’m eating off of. As long as I’m celebrating people trying to do what doesn’t seem very popular anymore and I don’t get food poisoning…I’m gonna be there with a big smile on my face.

I enjoy people-watching at weddings. I enjoy checking out the groomsmen (and their ring  fingers), watching people interact and trying to figure out if I can read their body language to see who’s cuffing claiming who. I like to watch the bride and groom talk while having their first dance. I like to sit at a table where I don’t know anyone and meet someone new. I like to see two families come together and get along, even if it’s just for the sake of one day. I enjoy the spirit of being a witness to a sacred vow, and I respect those individuals who stand before God and take that charge–for it’s not something to take lightly.

Today I sat at a table with 5 strangers and experienced a roller coaster of emotions in a matter of about 3 and a half hours at a reception party. I sat at a table and wondered when the young man who eyed me all afternoon was going to get enough courage to ask me to dance. I sat at a table with 3 generations of women who all resembled each other and were beautiful in their own right. I sat at a table with a man who wore many masks to get along with all the characters surrounding us. I listened, I laughed, and I admired. I asked questions, I did some criticizing (of the DJ, who had to be the worst known to NYC), and I showed my support.

Sometimes weddings can turn into materialistic displays of status. There’s nothing wrong with that, but marriage is more than one day. I hope when it’s my turn, that there will be an excitingly delicious aura of passion, dedication, and love ooozing from the Mr. and I. That our love will be visible not merely in the physical sense but in those non-verbals…a knowing look, a sly smile, an inside joke. I want my well-wishers to leave full off that.

It’s my fantasy,


Feel free to share your thoughts on weddings and the like…

I Do