5 Truths and A Lie: Part 3


I was recently tagged by Sly Speaks to share a post with facts about myself. Go and check out her well-rounded blog! You can find anything from lifestyle, inspirational and wellness posts. Well, I’m no stranger to sharing my life and I decided to keep the fun game of “Guess My Lie” going after I re-read my previous 2 installments.

You can check them out here:

First Installment and Rules

Second Installment

And now, for the 3rd:

1. I’ve never had surgery.

2. I wear glasses.

3. I published a book.

4. I have 2 last names.

5. I’ve never been to an NBA game.

6. I have 3 degrees.

Take your pick, which one is the lie?! And why did you choose that?

Now it’s your turn! Write 2 truths and one lie ABOUT YOU in the comments below.

Come on, don’t be a party pooper.


5 Truths and A Lie: Part 3

6 Truths and A Lie: Pt 2

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Find Part I and the rules here!

Guess my lie!

1. I have not been to Europe.

2. I worked in a call center earning $4.50 an hour.

3. My middle name is Aaliyah.

4. I didn’t own a ‘smartphone’ until 2012.

5. I’m an only child.

6. I could care less for purses/pocketbooks.


Give me 2 truths and one lie about you!


6 Truths and A Lie: Pt 2

7 Things I Don’t Pretend to Be Good At

57. Checking Voicemail. I presume when I return to work, I will have an excuse to check voicemail. But at this juncture in my life (a full time graduate student) all breaking news do not come in the form of entering pins and listening to automated voice prompts.

6. Shaving. I talk about not liking to shave a lot. I really don’t like to shave my legs. On the scale of 1-10 with 10 being the last “To Do” on my list shaving makes number 11, right after checking voicemail. To make things worse, when I do shave (at the adamant request of others) I usually leave a long trail of hair in the back of my legs. I suppose if I had arms that swiveled all the way around, this wouldn’t be so hard.

5. Makeup. Have you noticed the bags under my eyes in my vlogs? Dark spots? Blemishes? I don’t even put makeup on for vlogging. Why not? Because when it comes to brushes and pencils, I don’t know the difference. I’ve never learned how to blend, foundate or whatever other terms are used to put masks on. I keep things natural and the circus moments at a minimum.

4. Washing Dishes. Can I take care of the dishes for you? are not words you will ever hear me say. I tend to do double takes at my own dishes with crust and other unidentifiables still on them when I’m looking for a clean plate. Dishwashers were invented for people like me!

3. Flossing. You probably think I’m some nasty pig with hairy legs at this point, but hey, I am not ashamed at my non-flossing past. Past, I say, because I’m changing this bad habit after my last torturous visit to the hygenist. Flossing is life (at least 2 times a day).

2. Putting an outfit together. I truly believe this was part of the reason why my ex and I didn’t last. When I am fashionable, it’s usually some random happenstance and not because I planned it. For the most part, I am proud to say my outfits are not dictated by magazines, or what’s in season. I want to be remembered by my smile, a life-changing accessory….


1. Small Talk. Even saying it annoys me. And I’m not the only one to think so.

“It’s so incredibly warm today” “What do you do?” “Can you believe those Ravens?”

What are some things you don’t pretend to be good at?

7 Things I Don’t Pretend to Be Good At

Sav’s Dance

On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined -Mark Twain

Sav’s my alter ego, but we have similar dance theories and practice. We both dance a ‘freestyle’ merengue and bachata which basically means we don’t dance by the rules, mix other dance forms to the beat, and if there’s no guy willing to take us out– we will dance in circles by ourselves! (as seen here)

I like bachata and merengue because they are relatively easy and less-structured. Salsa is the dance form I need more help with because it’s more structured and you more than likely you need a partner, and I have a problem following people’s leads. 🙂 I would like to take more lessons in the future, but for now I am content just watching! Here’s a little clip of some Costa Rican salsa dancers!

Music: La Travesia & Bachata en Fukuoka by Juan Luis Guerra.

Sav’s Dance

Shaine and Sauvaneah


This is Shaine Demarco. She does not like bones in her chicken. She does not like to wear winter gloves or for people to sit next to her on a bus.

She likes to smell like a lemon tart when she comes out of the shower. She likes to read the O magazine and also likes friendly drunks.

This is Sauvaneah. She does not like foam soap. She does not like when people mispronounce her name, since she’s named after her birthplace; Savannah, Georgia.

She likes online dating. She likes to check out more library books than she can read. She likes to eat turkey bacon with her hands.

This past weekend, Shaine and Sauvaneah got to know each other while visiting the nation’s capitol.

2012-12-22 15.01.20 2012-12-22 13.50.00

2012-12-22 13.47.41

They saw statues, houses, and monuments.

They hugged cows and wore blue suede shoes.



They witnessed a gay man twerk the room.

Queens Hookah

Most importantly, they nurtured a friendship that was years in the making.

Shaine and Sauvaneah

5 Songs I didn’t want you to know I liked

[Warning: Explicit Content]

5. Kirko Bangz- Drank In My Cup

He’s repping H town (Houston), he’s a cutie, and this song is what I would play whilst getting ready to step out!

4. Drake ft The Dream- Shut It Down

This is just a sexy song.

3. Strip and No BS– Chris Brown

Although I don’t support this man or his image, “don’t you be on that Bull ish” when it’s time to Strip… I can relate to that.

2. Birthday Song- 2 Chainz ft. Kanye (Ratchet video alert!)

I don’t know if 2 Chainz ever finished school. But the coherency of thoughts in these lyrics make me laugh so hard that I’m ashamed to like this song.

They ask me what I do

And who I do it for

And how I come up with this ish

Up in the studio

ALL I WANT FOR MY BURFDAY is a big booty H(*


1. P*&# is Mine- Miguel

Story about a man who knows he’s not the only one, but wants to pretend he is anyway. I loose my religion listening to this.

Lie to me, Lie to me, Lie to me

Sometimes, lies are sweet.

What songs are you ashamed to find yourself singing?

Share some good ones!


5 Songs I didn’t want you to know I liked

You Tracing? (Picture Heavy)

I’ve named this second love child of mines GlobeTracer, so how’s ‘bout we talk about some travel today? Now, I know you may be wondering how I can consider myself a GlobeTracer when I don’t do much but talk about Costa Rica (topics like where my journey started, random things I miss about Costa Rica, and informative fun mini-lessons) and every now and again I talk about my little get-a-ways. Well folks, if you’ve been around long enough you would know:

1. I LOVE MY COUNTRY. And I will never get tired of talking about it. 🙂 Once you visit, you’ll be versed in why.

2. Short get-a-ways are for survival’s sake! Take them as frequently as life allows.

 I’m officially in the season of mini-get aways. Since grad school became the goal, budget priorities changed. I’m sure anyone shelling out $40,000 in tuition for a Master’s program can attest that your life drastically changes when you chose that route. So I’ve come to embrace GlobeTracing as a state of mind. A state of being away, of shutting the busyness out without spending a dime or money to get there. That basically means when I daydream I’m picturing myself getting ready for my next trip. It also means I’m reading lots of summer travel stories, and making my vision board (whenever I settle in and can locate my travel magazines) so I have NO doubt where I want to venture off to when that vacation time and money line up. Mentally GlobeTracing requires lots of imagination. And in reality, when you sacrifice and fight for a trip—you enjoy it that much more. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t go where you’d really like right now, remember grasshopper; Patience has its own rewards.

Speaking of fighting for trips, earlier this month I fought to make it to Chicago, Illinois. My friend was getting married at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. I begged my father for standby tickets, scrounged some little change together and got on a plane the day of the wedding, and came back the next day. Talk about short trips. Let’s venture, shall we.


Take more pictures than you normally would, to make it seem like you did more than you actually did.

Panoramic view
First Perk of the Trip… First Class upgrade. Breakfast of Champions!
If breakfast and seat 1C weren’t exciting enough..behold, a woman pilot! My first time seeing one.
I’ve LANDED SMILE! Now, time to navigate the trains.

Old NYC habits die hard…

Hmm..might be a long ride.
Finally, the hotel! Walking distance to the school’s Chapel!
YES! All the single ladies, with a married one in the bunch…
Communion- sharing of the holy sacrament.


Be flexible. Remember that you won’t be able to see EVERYTHING in one trip. Enjoy where you do go, don’t rush it.

Day 2 Millennium Park and Downtown Chicago. Couldn’t leave Chicago without trying the good ol’ pizza!!

Check out what these Towers at the park do…

Art students
Where the Locals go…
Don’t mind if I do…
For one please…
Pizza-stuffed with cheese? *gulp* BEFORE


Avoid pulley-bags or heavy messenger-type bags. They cramp your style if you’ve already checked out of your hotel and have to sight-see with your luggage.

Tourists? Ain’t no tourists here!!
Skyscrapers close to a coastline of water one can actually enjoy- this makes no sense!!

Are you Tracing? Physically or Mentally? Where to?!

Take me with you,


You Tracing? (Picture Heavy)