GlobeTracer is 3 Today!

My life when I began GlobeTracer consisted of a true teaching of “going with the flow.” Although I was living in Paradise (better known as Costa Rica) I was working through a lot of growing pains. I “moved” to Costa Rica knowing I wanted to 1) work and 2) volunteer. I didn’t have a job when I moved there, and I hadn’t secured where I would be volunteering either. I lived day to day learning to appreciate the process.

JUNE 2011


Don't call me bag lady.
Don’t call me bag lady.

Animal CR Horsey CR MA ATV CR MA

My life now. I’m a recent graduate, I live in a city…and I’m transitioning from student to professional again in a field I’ve fallen in love with!

MAY 2014


As is the tradition…my blog-o-versary handwritten letter. Click below.

GT 3 year

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Things I’m Not Sposta Say…


SHE shares morning tea

7 Things I don’t Pretend to be Good At





GlobeTracer is 3 Today!

Visual Recap: 2013

I’ve gathered some of my favorite shots from 2013.

In 2013 I experienced Haiti in March, and the Bahamas in December. I witnessed the beauty that is my stubborn and exquisite hair growth. I successfully completed 75% of my graduate program in Speech language Pathology. I inked Costa Rica’s unofficial motto on my hip. Life was great to me in 2013. Cheers to an even more delicious 2014!


Lignanore Wine Fest: Mount Airy, MD
Chart Your Path

Read more about my exquisite goddaughter here and here.

Mural Before
finished mural
Mural After…#Haiti



2012-10-28 11.07.22
“I’ma wear this mask to church, ‘cuz that’s what people do in church anyway”
The Mecca
Short hair, don’t care (March 2013)
Walk With Me
Visual Recap: 2013

Vegas Baby! Highlights in Pics

I really didn’t expect to like Vegas as much as I did. Besides spending a gazillion dollars (not by way of gambling) I really could not complain about the time I spent, the sights I saw, the food I ate and the things I did. Next time I go, I need to definitely be employed. And rent a car. And see more than “The Strip.” Las Vegas is rightly the entertainment capital of the world, but you don’t have to spend a fortune to see some amazing things.

Tuesday, May 21st

Bridal party rehearsal and luncheon at Red Rock Casino and Resort.

Something I’ve come to learn about myself is I love buffets! Does that mean that my standard for taste is relatively basic? I’m not sure. I think I just like the variety.

Why not have macaroni and cheese with chicken and broccoli?

Pasta and grilled corn on the cob?

Send it my way!

The Red Rock Casino’s buffet was gaudy, humongous and although everything I had wasn’t delicious, the majority of it was enjoyable and I really couldn’t complain.

Click pic for credit
Click pic for credit


Wednesday, May 22nd

WEDDING DAY! Garden wedding @ The Grove

Enough Aaaah’s to last me the whole year.

Dressing the brideDressing the bride II Cake DetailsDress  Superheroes Wedding pathBlack and White

Thursday, May 23rd 

My homegirl Dakota arrives from Los Angeles! *cue Rihanna’s Pour it Up*

Dining: Bahama Breeze takes the cake! During the week, they had a late-night happy hour from 9pm until closing and their Caribbean food was so amazing. During happy hour, the appetizers are half off as well! What more can you ask for?

One of everything, please?


Late night: TAO Restaurant and Bar. If you’re hardcore into just hip-hop and rap, you may want to go on the designated “black” night which I believe is Friday night.

Dakota's cousin, Dakota, She
Dakota’s cousin, Dakota, She

Friday, May 22nd

Day Pool Party at the Palms. Special Guest: Wiz Khalifa (Amber Rose in the cut supporting her baby faver)

Wiz Khalifa

Saturday, May 23rd

Return home. Plans to repeat in 2015. Occasion: 30th birthday!

Until next time,

Stay silly!

Mami and She
Mami and She
Vegas Baby! Highlights in Pics