5 Things: New Apartment

In a couple of days, I’ll be signing a real lease. A lease that had an income requirement and will depend on me hustling hard to maintain my good credit history by making payments on time. I will have my own space, no roommates. Here’s what I’m looking forward to the most.


5. Adopting a kitten/cat. I’m such a cat lady! I’ve had cats growing up most of my life. I think taking care of them is still pretty tedious, but I would love the company of a cat in my otherwise lonely place! I plan to adopt a kitten come September and I’m very excited about it. If possible, I’d like to get an all-black cat, and I’d call him Frijol (which is Spanish for bean). This name is subject to change.

4. Walking around nakked. I don’t like to be cold so this won’t be realistic all year, however it’s nice to have the option. #roommatefree

3. Quiet Sunday afternoons. My ideal Sunday includes 1. wine and 2. home cooked meals. I’d rather not leave the house, except to go to church. I look forward to many low-key Sundays spent with Fri-Fri.

2. Playing my music as loud as I want. I may be a little idealistic with this, considering I still have neighbors under me and next to me. However, I’d like not to have to think about anyone else being in the apartment when I am in the mood to blast my musica!!

1. Decorating. I’m admittedly not good at this. I have pieces of art and I look forward to framing them and highlighting them throughout the apartment.. That’s about it. I don’t know anything about color schemes, blinds, drapes, nada! However, I’m open to making this place mine! 🙂

5 Things: New Apartment

For the Lover in You: Soundtrack


I don’t celebrate little fat nakey babies, but I believe in love.

I try to celebrate love everyday, showing it in very subtle ways to those most unsuspecting people who make my day a little smoother, week by week.

What does love mean to me this year?

Sacrifice. Patience. Growing Pains. Small details.

Stepping out of my comfort zone.

I see love everywhere. And at the same time I see very thirsty souls.

What does love mean to you this year? What’s your favorite love song?

Soundtrack for the Lover in You:

Stevie Wonder- Rocket Love

Lalah Hathaway- Forever, For Always, For Love

Anthony Hamilton- The Point of It All

Usher- Here I Stand

And here’s to a newly discovered love song: Be Good (Lion’s Song) the animated version

Happy Lovers Day!


For the Lover in You: Soundtrack