Glowed Up: Spring Time

Lately I’ve been glowed up

Paper finally showed up

Childhood got me goin’ buck (I’m still up!)

I’m feeling’ like the only one out here

Soundtrack: 99.9% by Kaytranada

Warning: Explicit lyrics

Me cropped

Initial thoughts:

I’ve anticipated this cut for a couple of months now. I did my research, found some barber shops in NY and ultimately went with a shop in Brooklyn which came highly recommended. The stylist was very accommodating and offered great customer service. I had some idea that I wanted to keep some length and was curious to see how that worked out. Well, it’s been 2 days and has taken some time to grow on me. First, I kept joking that the cut is kind of “90’s sitcom Mom.” I love the layers and how it goes from short to long like a bob but I’m not used to short cuts with hair hanging down in my face. And now that my curls are short and cropped in the back I notice how the front’s curl pattern has been heat damaged. Me no like. So, in about a couple of weeks I’m going to go ahead and cut the middle/front down shorter so that it hangs off my face and see how I like that. I wanted something that I could wear straight and curly, but in reality I want more of a wash and go that’s not going to take 20 minutes to style in the morning. This style still requires more maintenance than I prefer. So, I’m not 100% happy with the cut, but I can always go shorter so that’s a great thing. I do love the back and hair off my neck, however.



Have you made any changes physically this Spring?

Glowed Up: Spring Time

How I Know It’s Time to Cut

I’ve done a pretty good job of documenting my very impulsive haircuts over the past couple of years. My last cut was in 2012 and I did that in celebration of 1. moving to a new city and 2. starting graduate school. I’ve been growing my hair ever since then. My last “blow-out” had me at this length:


This time around, I’m still living in the same area, with hopes of moving in the fall of 2017. I’m ready for changes. Also, I know it’s time to cut when:

  1. “Wash and go” turned into wash,dry, dry, dry, dry, then go.
  2. Ponytails were the go-to.
  3. I kept dreaming of the short curly cuts of olden days.
  4. Long hair= lots of product
  5. Long hair= constant washing

Today, I want some of my time back! I want to go back to wash and go! I want to try something new. I’m excited. Stay tuned for the reveal!

How I Know It’s Time to Cut

The Process…(Still Luv My Hair)

We’ve come a long way since September 2012! (Big Chop!)

Getting some length back but still looking for products that support my curls because even the small amount of heat I’ve used has been so damaging…If you have some recommendations, leave them in the comments!

Journey through the length… (2013)



MAY 2013






The Process…(Still Luv My Hair)


I recently Google’d my name and came across this feature for Transitioning Movement I didn’t even know had published before I chopped my hair off in August.

I was Transitioning Beauty of the Week back in September.

My hair has gone through a lot. When I had a say, I chose to put my hair through a lot.

It’s been chemically treated.

It’s been dyed.

It’s been fried.

But over the past 4 years I’ve cut down on the frequency of heat placed on it. I’ve spent countless dollars on ‘natural’ products. I’ve cut my hair short. Worn my curls proudly.

I have fallen in love with my hair. But I’m also a fan of change and keeping things fresh. That will never change.

Let’s journey since my latest big chop.

August 2012






2012-11-16 16.38.20



January 2013 

First time putting some heat to it.

Soon I will get my hair shaped so that it’ s all even and grows back evenly again. I’m curious to see what I will decide to do next.