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I had a treat on my flights back home from Costa Rica. Although I traveled for about 8 hours that day, I really couldn’t complain after I got to cross off the number 2 item on my Bucket List.  TWO FIRST CLASS FLIGHTS! I flew first from SJO to Atlanta’s huge international airport, and then had an hour and a half wait before I went from Atlanta to LaGuardia. On my first flight, I sat next to a skinny tall white man who informed the flight attendant that his children were seated in coach and that one of them might have motion sickness so he should prepare with bags accordingly. I thought to myself, what kind of man leaves his children in coach to come and sit in first class? Especially when he knows his kid gets sick on planes? I decided to spark a conversation, instead of judge him too harshly. He informed me that the children were seated in coach with the babysitter. That’s not too bad… I guess? The man, named Joseph, was retired and owned a farm on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, so he spent his time traveling every 2 weeks back and forth to Atlanta and Costa Rica.  The life, I thought to myself. He then began to tell me about his children’s 4 nationalities; they were born in Costa Rica, American citizens and then apparently were also automatically Danish and West African due to their parents. Apparently, children can hold more than two nationalities until about age 21, when the U.S. forces them to pick and choose only one other ally (if that country allows dual citizenship).

After our small talk, I picked up a flight magazine. You know, the one that tries to sell you things to make your arduous American life a little bit easier to handle. I picked the best 3 to share with you, my fellow readers:

Descriptions and Items courtesy of Sky Mall, Summer 2011

The Pillow Tie ($19.95, Available in Navy/Black/Silver or Red)

Boring meetings, hour-long conference calls– might as well make yourself comfy. Looks and ties like traditional neckwear but inflates with a few puffs.

How to use a pillow tie- Step 1. Access the inconspicuous valve. Step 2. Inflate in less than a breath. Step 3. Zzz..Zzzz..Zzz

(The man who invented this, must have definitely been puffing something)

Remote-Control Beverage Coller ($69.95)

Get up and walk all the way to the cooler for a cold one? Not necessary. Just point your remote and get your drink delivered, no cabana boy required.

The Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock ($69.95)

This clock gradually increases ambient light stimulating aromas and peaceful sounds to awaken sleepers. Thirty minutes before wake-up time, the light glows softly, brightening over the next half-hour while faint aromatherapy scents release into the air.

I solved all your Christmas shopping dilemmas in one post.

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The American Luxury