Grassy Ass: Time to Be Thankful

Hello my faithful and beautiful readers! The holidays are upon us once again, getting excited yet?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and although family is spread out all over the country I am determined to go see about the ones that I love and love me! Plus, I need a mini get-away. So I’m going to New York for a quick stint. I had to cancel my trip due to the wonderful snow “storm.” I will have to see about this little munchkin next month before I head to see my momma in Ft. Lauderdale.

There are so many things to be thankful for! It is easy during the holidays to get caught up on what we don’t have. I’m guilty of this every. single. day. But I’m also reminded that 1. I gotta job, 2. I have a healthy family that keeps growing, and 3. I have an opportunity every single morning to have a better day than the one before and so… here are 7 Top Things I’m Grateful for:

7. This little addition to the family, which I’m also hoping to meet in December.

His name is Zion. Born 9/11 at 9:11 a.m.

6. My roommate and I survived (almost) one month, and I pray we can continue coexisting in peace.

5. I’m planning a small mother-daughter trip next month and I am looking forward to it! I’m soooooo overdue for a trip.

4. The New Year is almost here! Which means I’ve survived almost 6 months at my job. It hasn’t been easy, but in that time I’ve 1) given a clinical round table on Basic Spanish useful for the field, 2) been a part of countless IEP meetings 3) have gotten a better idea on which work setting might be a good fit for me.

3. It’s been almost 10 months since I purchased my used car and Jett is still going strong.

2. New Thanksgiving traditions.

1. Growing pains. Daily work but I pray the pain is not in vain.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!


Grassy Ass: Time to Be Thankful

The First: Is You Ready?


Whew! Where has the time gone?! Can you believe we are in November already? We blinked our eyes and summer was over. The cold has settled in and I am not quite ready to say goodbye to 2014. Changes are still happening around me, however, I am in a better mood to engage in life, my job, and my short term personal goals. I have been able to work it out so that I can still attend group therapy during the work week, and my brand spanking new roommate moved in today. I can’t believe to tell you what  a relief it has been to secure a roommate. That means that I don’t have to sacrifice my whole paycheck for one pay period a month. It means freedom! It means I can eat Chipotle once a week. It means I can buy some bottles of wine to keep my fridge stocked (and my stressful evenings at a minimum). It means I can pay all my bills when they are due. And it means I generally have more room to breathe (financially) week to week.

I moved out of DC to save money. That just hadn’t happened the past 3 months. It’s feasible now. I walked into the apartment today and sensed the difference though. It smelled different. But, that’s minor. I think this roommate business has its pro’s and con’s. I summed them up below:

Pro’s to having a roommate:

  • You’re not alone very often. To a person with depression, company could be a good thing.
  • You have someone who pretends to care when you’re sick, suffering, etc. Or they may not be pretending. Generally, you “pretend” at first.
  • The MOST obvious, you’re saving $$$.
  • You have someone to share your food with.
  • You have someone to share a drink with.
  • It’s like a never ending sleepover, a good thing if a friendship is cultivated.
  • You learn how to compromise.

Con’s to having a roommate:

  • You’re not alone very often. To a person that thrives from personal space and time, this may be stiffling.
  • I can’t pee with the door open.
  • I have to spray after I use my bathroom. (for courtesy)
  • My morning routines (including playing music, etc.) may have to change.
  • You have someone to share your food with, and may feel obligated to share with them in order to appear as if you have home training.
  • You have someone to share a drink with. Then you get paranoid and hide your alcohol because you don’t trust your roommate.
  • It’s like a never ending sleepover, and you just want your space back.
  • You can’t remember what food in the fridge you bought.
  • You’re afraid over every little noise when you’re not sure if they are home or not.
  • You can’t be “spontaneous” with company. Sexy time is “courteous.”

These are just some of the anxieties I may deal with later down the road, but as of right now I’m still on the high of saving $$$. Especially today, the First of the month. November is already looking up! So today, I celebrate new beginnings, more money in the bank, the cold making a grand entrance and the writing process.

What are some things you’re celebrating on the First? Any Pro’s or Con’s to add to the list?

Wake up!


The First: Is You Ready?

Cupcakes and Contracts: Updates

*taps mic* I be still here.

I’ve been dreading writing this post. Not because I didn’t want to write it, but because I wouldn’t know where to begin. There is so much satisfaction in laying in bed on a Saturday night writing. There is so much contentment with gathering my thoughts and sharing them in my safe space. I’ve been thinking about this, but my thoughts never turned into action because I haven’t been in a good mental place for a while. I’ve got great news to share, but I’m also living out of suitcases right now and my temporary “home” has been mainly my eating, showering and sleeping headquarters. I’m not complaining. Just sayin’…


First thing first: Cupcakes.

I started this blog a month before my 26th birthday. I’m 29 now! So much has happened in these 3 years. I’ve gone back to school to pursue a Master’s degree (and FINISHED!), moved to a new city, and finally became an American citizen. Since then, I’ve also traveled to Haiti (1st time), the Bahamas (2nd time) and Bermuda (1st time). This years birthday was very low key. I WORKED most of the day (#adultlife…boooo) then went out to a late dinner in what is now my favorite restaurant in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. It’s called La Malinche, and it’s in downtown Silver Spring. I had Spanish tapas and sangria and it was a great night. My weekend was full of cupcakes! And I wasn’t shuring.

Next up: Contracts


You may have guessed it…I have not been blogging because I got a real life job. I got some letters behind my name! I’m a Clinical Fellow in Speech Pathology! (CF-SLP) I decided to start working at a private practice. Right now I have part time hours but come mid-August I will be a full time employee. During the day, I work at a “speech” camp for special populations. Most of the children need help with social communication, and the camp offers an ideal place where they can work on those skills with special support from therapists.

Thus far, my summer has been very interesting. Very tiring, and full of lots of changes, but I know the sacrifice now is for the best in my future. The transition is not fun, but I thank God He’s sent some awesome people in my life to help me.

So even when I come home late, eat and fall out in a bed that’s not my own…I still have to recognize that praise belongs to God. I’m holding on to that.

On my way,


Cupcakes and Contracts: Updates

“Limbo”: Post-Grad thoughts

It’s been a month since I graduated with my Master’s degree in Speech & Language Pathology. Post-graduate life has set in and although the relaxing, sleeping late, and free days have been awesome…I’m broke! Not in a “I can’t afford happy hour, or shopping” type broke way, but in a “I can’t pay my rent this month” broke. This is my last month in my apartment and then I’ll be in “limbo” until I secure my Clinical Fellowship (more about that later). The plan is to have a pretty easy-going summer and I only have one trip planned. I have yet to make a bucket list of what I want to explore in DC. The biggest goal right now, however, is to secure a fellowship that’s a good fit and to find a summer job to supplement the shenanigans I’m trying to get into this summer!

What’s the next step?

Before I become fully licensed as a Speech Pathologist (SLP), we go through (as many allied health providers) a Clinical Fellowship (“CF”). A doctor has his/her residency, and we have our fellowship. It is basically a transition point from student to fully licensed professional. Generally it can take anywhere from 9 months-1 year to complete (however, you can take up to 4 years to complete). As a CF, one is still under supervision and mentoring from a licensed SLP, and it is almost like the last time anyone is required to help you. After your CF, you are independent and left to your own devices.

The interviews have gone well so far, unlike other job interviews, none have felt like confrontational interrogatories. Most of the time, the employers just want to know that you know something about speech pathology and talk about your clinical experiences. It feels a bit like we have the best position considering the high need, and lack of people available. We have options. I was turned down for a job last week, but I wasn’t too bummed about it because I wasn’t considering it anyway.

I’ve been trying to identify why I’ve been having so much anxiety recently.

What’s bothering me?

  • I’m a Cancer, and home is pretty important to me. Although it’s going to be a short time (2 months tops), I don’t enjoy the “limbo” stage where I have to put my things in storage and have “temporary” homes.
  • No money, no socializing. It’s pretty hard to go out in DC on a budget. I worked hard at Shake Shack last summer just to have extra spending money, but now that I’m done with school every penny I’m making is going toward a bill. Bills, bills, bills.
  • I want to pick the right CF. Since honing in on my clinical skills is important, I have been on the search for a good CF where I’m going to be nurtured. I think I may have found it, we shall see.
  • Spiritual thirst. I haven’t joined a church here and I want to earnestly find one. I have a problem making commitments right now. But I definitely want to find a church community to be a part of.
  • Dating. Back on that train, and it’s been quite a ride. Part of me wants to be by myself for a while, but the extrovert part likes the company.

It’s almost a month now before I’m 29. BOOM. My blog-o-versary is in 2 days! GlobeTracer is still going strong and I’m adding more destinations to the list!

All in all, I have some things to be grateful for. Even in the midst of “limbo.”



“Limbo”: Post-Grad thoughts