Glowed Up: Spring Time

Lately I’ve been glowed up

Paper finally showed up

Childhood got me goin’ buck (I’m still up!)

I’m feeling’ like the only one out here

Soundtrack: 99.9% by Kaytranada

Warning: Explicit lyrics

Me cropped

Initial thoughts:

I’ve anticipated this cut for a couple of months now. I did my research, found some barber shops in NY and ultimately went with a shop in Brooklyn which came highly recommended. The stylist was very accommodating and offered great customer service. I had some idea that I wanted to keep some length and was curious to see how that worked out. Well, it’s been 2 days and has taken some time to grow on me. First, I kept joking that the cut is kind of “90’s sitcom Mom.” I love the layers and how it goes from short to long like a bob but I’m not used to short cuts with hair hanging down in my face. And now that my curls are short and cropped in the back I notice how the front’s curl pattern has been heat damaged. Me no like. So, in about a couple of weeks I’m going to go ahead and cut the middle/front down shorter so that it hangs off my face and see how I like that. I wanted something that I could wear straight and curly, but in reality I want more of a wash and go that’s not going to take 20 minutes to style in the morning. This style still requires more maintenance than I prefer. So, I’m not 100% happy with the cut, but I can always go shorter so that’s a great thing. I do love the back and hair off my neck, however.



Have you made any changes physically this Spring?

Glowed Up: Spring Time

How I Know It’s Time to Cut

I’ve done a pretty good job of documenting my very impulsive haircuts over the past couple of years. My last cut was in 2012 and I did that in celebration of 1. moving to a new city and 2. starting graduate school. I’ve been growing my hair ever since then. My last “blow-out” had me at this length:


This time around, I’m still living in the same area, with hopes of moving in the fall of 2017. I’m ready for changes. Also, I know it’s time to cut when:

  1. “Wash and go” turned into wash,dry, dry, dry, dry, then go.
  2. Ponytails were the go-to.
  3. I kept dreaming of the short curly cuts of olden days.
  4. Long hair= lots of product
  5. Long hair= constant washing

Today, I want some of my time back! I want to go back to wash and go! I want to try something new. I’m excited. Stay tuned for the reveal!

How I Know It’s Time to Cut