What’s Rockin’ My World: End of the School Year

There’s no shortcut through the hard stuff. So stop running from it.

-She (October 26, 2015)

The last 5 days of school/work have been the longest days. I’m trying to be patient and focus on the paperwork+packing I have to finish as I transition out of this school. But I’m so distractible and everyone is annoying me. It’s too nice to be inside!! It’s been a tough week to say the least. But it’s looking up.

Here’s what is currently rockin’ my world:

  • Last Saturday was the 5 year anniversary of GlobeTracer. I wasn’t compelled to do the handwritten letter I usually do. I didn’t want to force anything. 5 years is a great milestone, I am thankful.
  • Burning Questions: Why do I want to fast-forward so much? I have to learn how to feel and be in uncomfortable places. It’s not fun, but I don’t gain what I have to when I’m constantly thinking about tomorrow, or the fall. Or 2017. Or when I live somewhere else…
  • I’m ready to do life with him. Being apart and seeing each other only on the weekend is starting to get to me.
  • I got a new couch! It’s mine and it’s new and it’s firm. How does one break these things in?
IMG_4071 (1).JPG
Don’t look at my messy “office.”
  • About 2 weeks until Chicago! 🙂 First trip of the summer.
  • Burning Questions: What if I’m not sure what I really want? How do I know when to trust what I want is really what is right?
  • I got a retirement plan. Talk about #adulting. In 30 years, I’ll be 60 years old? How????
  • I’ve only read 2 books this year so far, but this summer I’ll do better!

Now it’s your turn!!

Tell me what’s currently rockin’ your world!! If this is your first time here, please say hello!

If you’re a long time reader- what’s something you want to keep reading about on the blog? why?

Thank you for visiting my little space,


What’s Rockin’ My World: End of the School Year

June 1st!

I was supposed to write this last night, but I was too lazy. It’s 8:33 AM on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to the weekend. After this weekend, there will be 16 days of school left. I can see the light!! So many countdowns/celebrations this month.

  • Globetracer turns 5 on June 11th. 5 years of blogging consistently feels great.
  • I’m thankful to have survived one school year working in a public school as an SLP. It has NOT been a walk in the park, but I’m thankful for some more experience under my belt.
  • I leave for Chicago in 30 days! It’s Bran and I’s yearly tradition to travel around Fourth of July. I am excited as I love Chicago and haven’t experienced it in summer in awhile.
  • I am also a month away from my birthday. No plans, as I’ll be coming back from Chicago that week. Birthday planning becomes tedious after awhile. I say this every year, and every year I break down and plan something as the day gets closer.

What are you looking forward to as the first day of summer beckons?


June 1st!

The Beach Motivates Me

June’s Word of The Month is J-O-B. As many of you loyal readers may know, I have been on the job hunt. This week alone, I had 3 interviews and went to one job fair. Aren’t ya proud of me? 

Today I had my first group interview. It was unexpected and exciting at the same time. Along with 5 other candidates of different races and ages, I was vying for a spot as part-time assistant to the Human Resources department. The first mistake I made was being late. Uh-oh. I mean, I made the mistake of thinking since the job was in my neighborhood, I didn’t need extra time to get there. I didn’t intend on being late but nothing is more embarrassing than walking into a conference room with a panel of 3 interviewers, where people are already in the process of being asked questions, and having everyone in slow-motion look at you enter the room hereinafter label you as ‘the late girl.’ For the record, I was 5 minutes late. But the bottom line is LATE is LATE. Don’t be like me!

The aspect I liked about the group interview is that you got to size the other candidates up for yourself. Through their answers, I got to make mental notes of answers I liked (for future interviews) and be my own judge, as well as hope and pray the panel didn’t reuse a certain question I couldn’t find such an eloquent response to. Overall, I had some pretty smart competition. Definitely better qualified to work in accounting and other number matters. As the panel went around the room asking questions, I felt more relaxed, thank God they didn’t decide to ambush me as soon as I got in the room, although I did feel like it was gonna be harder for me to leave a lasting impression outside of my tardy arrival.

Finally, I answered 3-4 questions and then the panel asked each of us why we opted for a part-time job. One candidates answers (paraphrasing):

I like to keep busy, and I’m already working another part-time job. I believe in constant stimulation, I don’t like to sit around and do nothing. In fact, if someone asked me to go to the beach, I would tell them no. I would rather do something motivating.

Hmmm… go hard much? Now, mind you, I know there’s some people out there who might despise the beach specifically. But to say you would rather be working than do something leisurely? I’m not sure that’s the right way to go, nor how many people would honestly believe that. But for this particular candidate, it didn’t seem like she was being dishonest. I felt sorry for her.

The beach motivates me. Not because I love the build-up of sand in my crotch area if I decide to take a dip. Not even because I like to show off my hot bod and people-watch. 🙂 I like the beach because it represents a moment where you don’t have to think about the banal qualities of work, being on time, or deadlines. You go to the beach to be. And being for me, beats working any day.

The Beach Motivates Me