Image20. The prospect of playing Phase 10. Only because I’m not 100 percent good at it yet.

19. Walking barefoot on my hardwood floors.

18. Girls Night.

17. Wearing a new outfit.

16. Waking up and feeling beautiful.

15. When the sun shines.

14. When someone does something you don’t expect.

13. Connecting with someone online deeper than superficially.

12. Orange juice in the morning. Orange in the afternoon. Orange juice in my drank!

11. When your favorite movie is on TV. Coming to America or Along Came Polly.

10. Seeing bus drivers ‘honk’ at each other.

9. When someone replies instantly.

8. Looking at old photographs.

7. Remembering there are good leftovers in the fridge.

6. Handwritten letters.

5. When people remember your birthday.

4. Having a day to indulge in all of your favorite things.

3. Making a banging home cooked meal.

2. Effortless conversations.

1. Meeting someone you know/hope will be a long time friend.

Adapted/borrowed from Just Little Things.