Beauty in Many Forms

Some women I have come to crush on. Hard.

tracee ellis ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is the epitome of a woman comfortable in her own skin. She’s taught me to embrace my hair, my breasts and to be completely comfortable with what I bring to the table. I’m a big fan of Girlfriends, and her quirky personality continues to shine through in the form of her blog. In my head, we are friends.


Besides being my older sister, Sanaa Lathan is such a classy woman. I’ve loved her in all the roles she’s played in (especially Love & Basketball, one of my favorite rewatchable movies) and to me, she’s still very underrated.


Tamia also falls under the category of underrated. She seems like a diva who put her family before her career, and has been happily married to Grant Hill for many  years. Watching one of her latest videos, Beautiful Surprise, makes me think “I want that body after kids!”


Jada is a woman who juggles parenting, fame and her career well. I love her acting, I love to hear her passion against human trafficking and I especially love to hear her speak Spanish!jill_scott_essence_oct_2012a

Jilly from Philly is an inspiration on so many levels! She’s a poet, a mother, a singer, a writer and her music is always filled with so much raw emotion. Her music always meets me at my point of need! Here’s one of my favorite songs: I am here.

lisa bonet

Lisa Bonet is effortlessly beautiful. That’s all.

Sade’s music makes me feel beautiful, sensual and worth more than gold.


I loved her in Slumdog Millionaire. Freida Selena Pinto, has a humble aura about her. I want to see her in more movies.


Lianne La Havas. The buttery voice, the cocoa butter skin tone. Can’t get enough.

Who makes your Top 3 list of most beautiful women, most importantly, why?!

Beauty in Many Forms

Music that’s Rockin’ My World


Admittedly, I usually discover new music through a link online, a blog I follow, or a friend’s car. I am not big on purchasing music online or following release dates, but I still enjoy discovering a  song that takes me to a different time and place.

Here are the top 5 songs on heavy rotation right now.

Justin Timberlake- Let The Groove Get In

This song reminds of a late-night backyard fiesta in Cuba. A beautiful blend of percussion, horns, and catchy phrases- There, there, right there! I truly love how Justin’s songs evolve from one song to the next with changing beats…it’s very refreshing.

Justin Timberlake- Pusher Lover Girl

junk, junk, junk, junk, junkie for your love

Lianne La Havas- Elusive

Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines

A fun song.

Bruno Mars- Show Me.

Reggae tune.

BONUS TRACK: Stained by Tori Kelly.

Any new tunes you’ve discovered recently? How do you come across new music?


Music that’s Rockin’ My World

Honeee: Lianne La Havas (New Obsession)


“Who are you?” La Havas said at one point, wondering about the fans who’d filled the club, screamed her name and knew the words to all of her songs. “I’m playing it cool, but I’m very, very overwhelmed.” -Godfrey for the Washington Post

I learned about Lianne La Havas through fellow blogger Jason. I really didn’t take her gift seriously until I added her station to Pandora (which I’m also recently over, now that I’ve learned about Songza) and started to realize that there was hardly not one of her songs that I didn’t like. Her music is a nice, smoky escape from reality to a place where guitars and vocals make beautiful babies,

If I had to describe Lianne’s voice in one word, I would use the word HONEY. It’s that smooth. It’s also so rich and addicting. Was that lame? Along with her stunning voice comes a natural-hair wearing caramel skin beauty! Plus, get this, her teeth are not straight! Am I crazy for saying that? I enjoy people who are themselves, uncensored. I hope she never fixes her teeth, even when she can afford it. During her recent concert (April 12th) at the 930 Club, she reassuringly told the audience “Yes, I’ll marry you.” There is hope! Therefore for the aforementioned reasons, my current obsession of the spring, Ms. Lianne.


Full name: Lianne Charlotte Barnes

Birthday: August 23, 1989 (she’s a baby- going to be 24 soon!)

Nationality: Born in London, England to a Greek father and Jamaican mother.

Album: Is Your Love Big Enough? released on July 9, 2012 in the UK (her first!)

Talents: Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (she get it from her Daddy)

Her Opening Song (No Room for Doubt, please excuse the childish chatter)


At the end of her show, she obliged the crowd who would not stop clapping, but then closed the show with a genuine goodbye saying “I’ve reached my last song now because I’ve only thus far made one album.” The first, we hope, and not the last.

I think I’m in Love (again),


Past obsessions:


Honeee: Lianne La Havas (New Obsession)