Sensual Interludes: Remember those?

Remember Interludes?

That’s how you knew whether someone really owned and album or not. If they knew the interludes.

That soft and warm, heavenly bridge to the next song…

Those 2 minute teasers you wish were full-out songs. If you’re not familiar with any of the following ‘ludes check out Grooveshark, where you can search for any song for free. Thank me later.

  • Feeling Me, Feeling You by Alicia Keys

for Valentina– the #1 AK fan. This ‘lude carries some serious sexual currents. 

  • Truth or Dare by Martin Luther

this is not technically an interlude but there’s not much singing going on either. *shrugs*

  • Maxine’s Interlude by John Legend

i was wondering where she went, too, bruh

  • Sexy You by 112
  • Was it Good by Chico Debarge

sometimes no words need to be spoken. That’s what I think Chico was saying with this one.

You should judge an artist by their interludes. If an interlude can take you there…Yes Sir!



Sensual Interludes: Remember those?

Into Me See

The Soundtrack…

This could be the only time for us
Baby take your time and don’t you rush
Something in your eyes makes me know that you still want me
I miss the way we touch…

Do I have great taste or what? 🙂

Feel free to add to the list. I love discovering new artists/tracks!



Into Me See