Texts I Save (Post from 2012)

In the spirit of getting to know me better, and the follow-up to Voicemails I Don’t Delete, I give you a glimpse of messages I hold dearly.

I think everyone’s goal in life is to turn talent into profit. 😉 good morning. -Channing, friend

I have to tweet this! Any objections? – Nicole, friend

…good morning!! Your tickets for Chicago are for sure…! Done. CR too short notice..!! Also send me a copy of your birth certificate to add you at work… You will pay 35% anywhere you want to go..!! -Roberto, father

I miss u and i hope everything is ok with u. Remember they are debt collector and their are train to scear u n lie to yo 90% of what they say to u is a lie. -Maura, sister

I mean getting exactly what you want out of life. It’s a play on the theme of the book, and something I sincerely hope you experience. -someone I love

Do I have to ask to see you or should I patiently wait your invite… -someone I used to love

Hey Tracey! Google this book– Become a million dollar scholar. -Maryam, friend

Well play it out and see how it goes. The trick is not to imagine things further than what you can see with your own two eyes. Keep things in proper perspective. -Xavier, a former friend

A text addict,


Texts I Save (Post from 2012)

21 Things: A Birthday Tribute to Maura

On this coming Saturday, April 21st my Big Sis will be celebrating her 30-something birthday. At a beautiful resort in Playa Bonita, Costa Rica. Without me. *sad face*

Anywho, I decided since I cannot be where she is I would send her some virtual hugs and appreciation by putting all her business on the streets. Below are some things I love to love about her, and if you know her, I’m sure you would agree. Feel free to add more things you love about MAURA (pronounced ma-oh-ra real fast!). And if you don’t know her, that’s okay, send her some wishes too!  Audience participation strongly recommended.

Maurita (right) and Tracita circa 2006

21 Things You May Not Know About Maura:


  • You’re the strongest person I know.
  • Your presence and laughter lights up a room.
  • You’ve been married for 4 years now. 🙂
  • People can hear you coming blocks away.
  • You’re not afraid to leave your comfort zone.
  • You aspired to culinary arts, debt collection, and entrepreneurship before landing the right job doing something you studied: dental technician.
  • You taught me how to drive. (and Chevon)
  • You’re a sucker for love/comfort/acceptance.
  • If someone has your loyalty, they have it for life.
  • You give more thank you ask for.
  • We got our ‘first jobs’ together when I was 19 and you were 26. Then we went and spent most of that money on Roca-Wear velours and Air Jordans on Jamaica Avenue.
  • You make the best bread pudding.
  • You can’t spell for nothing! But I still love you.
  • You came from the most humble woman ever.
  • You’re a hustler, baby.
  • Your toes are comparable to chicken feet. But I still love you.
  • When I got a boyfriend, you dated his cousin.
  • You helped me and my mother’s relationship with the reflection of your own closeness with your mom.
  • You love Fred Hammond.
  • You drive in cars with loud music.
  • You write like a leftie, but you’re a righty.


You are the best sister/daughter/girlfriend/friend anyone could ever ask for!!

God has way more in store for you than you can imagine, I love you.

Your ñaña,

21 Things: A Birthday Tribute to Maura