Changes: 2013

I find it real ironic how inclined I am to blog when I’m in the thick of my semester. It’s easy to pull myself from something I don’t want to do (reading, homework, research) to something I can do with my eyes closed. But the moment I get some free time and have nothing to do, blogging is but a mere fantasy. Nevertheless, I’m here!

I’ve been on a kinda break, meaning I’m officially done with my second semester of graduate school! Man, that sucka almost beat me. It was the toughest yet. We had a writing intensive class, Sociolinguistics, in which we had to produce two 20 page papers (double-spaced) and I’m pretty sure I’ve done as much writing in one semester than my whole Bachelor’s degree in English language and literature. According to the class that just graduated, it’s the hardest semester of the program. Glad that’s over.

Lots of changes are happening this spring and summer and I’d thought I’d share.

I’m a Second Year Graduate Student Now! Come this Fall, a new batch of newbies will be coming in. Ahhhh! Where did the time go?!

I’m a Bridesmaid on Wednesday! 

Remember when I was so excited about the news that I would be a bridesmaid? Well, to be honest I’ve had very limited participation due to 1) graduate school and 2) distance. My best friend lives in Las Vegas and would literally just send e-mails asking for opinions and ideas. I’m not blaming her, but this e-age kills the beauty in certain things. Maybe planning a wedding is just stressful and not supposed to be fun, but it’s definitely made me think twice about the way I want to do things when it’s my turn. Either way, this next week it’s going to be all about Rosie and I’m going to try my best to do what she asks so that her wedding is as memorable as it should be. Maybe the fact that I’m physically there and am extra set of hands for her will be good, but for now I don’t feel very accomplished as a bridesmaid.

My Roommate is Moving Out. I have one more year of graduate school and was actually looking to move walking distance to campus for next semester. Financially, that’s not possible this summer. Therefore, I’m going to sign another yearly lease where I reside now. My roommate has opted not to. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t doing somersaults inside. This roommate situation has been tolerable and not enjoyable. Namely, we don’t communicate very well. It didn’t start out that way. We started out very ambitious. But somewhere along the road, I found myself very annoyed and living with someone I felt was good at talking, but not good at doing. Also, I felt like the mother in the situation– the one who made decisions, and then made sure there was follow through. That’s not what I signed up for. Most of our communication is electronic  at this point (basically, the internet is the devil of this century) and because of it we have not made any progress. This change does not mean I will be living alone. I will be living with another roommate, but am screening more carefully this second go round! #chances

I’m Knee-Deep in a Relationship. I know you’re like, when do you even have time for a relationship? Well, I strongly believe in academics and keeping focused but the key to staying sane is also being social. And that includes having me-time and boo time. Things work because his schedule is very demanding so we have healthy time apart, and then squeeze in some fun times together. It works. We work. I’m happy.

I’m Working For Money. This summer, I’m finding time to get me a paying job (already secured one) before the fall begins again. Not only is the loan money dwindling, but I’m also taking an online class that I had to pay out of pocket. I will be plenty busy this summer, just like this time last year. Hustla, baby.

That’s about all for now folks,


Any new changes happening this season for you? Any advice on how to choose a stranger to live with? What are some potential roommate red flags? 

Changes: 2013