Hello There: What’s Rocking My World

Thankful For.jpg

What I’m thankful for:

  • Life
  • Forgiveness
  • A heated home
  • People who care
  • People who show they care
  • My mother
  • Love
  • Grace
  • Sweaters
  • Healing
  • High boots
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Having insurance
  • Sunsets
  • Music, when I don’t have the words
  • A space to call my own
  • My thighs
  • Fall television.
  • You, for partaking in my thoughts.

What are you thankful for this month?


Hello There: What’s Rocking My World

#TeamMya: An Album Review


I’m a little biased when it comes to Mya. I was always #TeamMya, and her amazing curly hair. She started her career pretty young, and somewhere along the way fell off the public eye for reasons unbeknownst to people that don’t follow why artists fell off. Although I will liken her career to Chrisette Michele in some ways; something to do with wanting more creative control, management and no more MAJOR record labels. I happened to be watching the news one day last week and noticed she was on TV promoting a new album. I didn’t think too much of it. Thanks to my Apple Music subscription, I can listen to music as its released these days.

I gave her album a listen. I was thankful to hear the same sultry and grown-woman content that I’ve come to love about her sound. Here’s my track-by-track breakdown:

Album: Smoove Jones

Label: Planet 9

  1. Smoove Jones Radio (Intro)– I think Smoove Jones is supposed to be Mya’s rappin’ alter-ego. Been there, done that, but her voice and the beats are pleasant enough to listen to. She’s introducing the “Quiet Storm” album in this interlude.
  2. Welcome to My World– This is a very Mya-esque track. Upbeat summer jam, thoughtful lyrics. A nice introduction to what she’s selling on this album, and where she’s at in life. “Got the head seat at the board room table, Could’ve did it with them, but I got my own label.” Okay, bawse. I respek it.
  3. Hold On (feat Phil Ade)– It appears she went very Great Value local with the features on this album. Phil Ade is a native DMV’er and is featured on this track. Mya also reps PG County, so it makes sense that she’s going home to her roots for this album. This song is very catchy, good listen.
  4. Elevator– It took me awhile to understand the analogy in the song, I’m a little slow. Basically, you started from the bottom now you’re “up here, elevatin‘”Another catchy, simple song. Nothing special.
  5. Phya– This song is a play on the word “fire.” This also reminded me of the “classic” Mya sound. I like this about her music. She didn’t over-reach trying to sound like the R&B artists today. She’s sticking to what she knows, and what is authentically her sound.
  6. Spoil Me– This could be a Nicki Minaj track circa 2014. Very catchy tune. Girls want stuff, and we would prefer a sponsor. I didn’t press Skip.
  7. Team You– I approve of this song. It’s very 2016, minus the hashtag. Also, I don’t know who is featured but he sounds like a wannabe Future.
  8. Coolin’– MY #1 song on the album. I want to hear this song on the radio because it’s so amazing in its arrangement and vocals. She sings her high falsetto throughout and it sets the most amazing mood. #HotSummerLove
  9. One Man Woman (Ol’ Skoo’ Joint)– A Mya album wouldn’t be complete without a ballad. So, here it is.
  10. Circle of Life– The “ooh-ooh-hoo” in the beginning is very J. Hud. But we will let Mya rock. Cool Ne-yo vibish song.
  11. Smoove Jones Afta Glow Show (Outro)– Mya says “Goodnight” and thanks you for listening to the show with some sexy vocals.
  12. One Man Woman (Unplugged Bonus)– See #9.

Overall, I think this is a pretty solid album. I heard maybe 20% of a new sound from Mya. However, I didn’t mind hearing a sound that I was accustomed to. Her new music with her authentic touch is worth the listen. I’m only in love with like 1-2 songs, but I’m glad to hear Mya doing what she loves. It’s been way too long, curly boo!

Go take a listen, if you haven’t already!

Share a new album you’re listening to this Spring!


#TeamMya: An Album Review

5 Things: New Apartment

In a couple of days, I’ll be signing a real lease. A lease that had an income requirement and will depend on me hustling hard to maintain my good credit history by making payments on time. I will have my own space, no roommates. Here’s what I’m looking forward to the most.


5. Adopting a kitten/cat. I’m such a cat lady! I’ve had cats growing up most of my life. I think taking care of them is still pretty tedious, but I would love the company of a cat in my otherwise lonely place! I plan to adopt a kitten come September and I’m very excited about it. If possible, I’d like to get an all-black cat, and I’d call him Frijol (which is Spanish for bean). This name is subject to change.

4. Walking around nakked. I don’t like to be cold so this won’t be realistic all year, however it’s nice to have the option. #roommatefree

3. Quiet Sunday afternoons. My ideal Sunday includes 1. wine and 2. home cooked meals. I’d rather not leave the house, except to go to church. I look forward to many low-key Sundays spent with Fri-Fri.

2. Playing my music as loud as I want. I may be a little idealistic with this, considering I still have neighbors under me and next to me. However, I’d like not to have to think about anyone else being in the apartment when I am in the mood to blast my musica!!

1. Decorating. I’m admittedly not good at this. I have pieces of art and I look forward to framing them and highlighting them throughout the apartment.. That’s about it. I don’t know anything about color schemes, blinds, drapes, nada! However, I’m open to making this place mine! 🙂

5 Things: New Apartment

Remember #TheLegend

I once read somewhere that it was impossible to stay upset while listening to Bob Marley. Yesterday I was mad at the world and feeling so stressed out that I snapped on someone on my telephone (whom I deeply care about) while stuffing my face with custom-made pizza (don’t judgeth). Then Bob Marley came on in the establishment I was sitting in. Subconsciously, I began singing along and the parasympathetic branch of my autonomic nervous system kicked in (the one that restores your system in response to our fight or flight reaction) and I started to realize that I was wrong, yo. So, I give the man respect.

Whose music puts you in a better mood?

Remember #TheLegend

Rockin’ My World: Fall Edition

What i'm loving

  • The summer weather that doesn’t seem to want to leave DC! It’s been in the high 80’s this past week.
  • I’ve finally gotten back into my groove with school. I’m currently seeing 20 elementary school children at my clinic site, as well as 5 classes and a research project which is gearing up for data collection soon! I feel clinic has been more about application and detective work and it’s taking a different dynamic now because more is expected of me as a 2nd year!
  • This lady named Laura Mvula. Her music Makes me lovely. (Also check out song: Unbelievable Dream) Thanks to my music supplier for this one! (*winks*) Any new artists you care to share?


  • I feel better about my room because I’m sleeping in the closet area. Let me explain, the room is naturally dark with a window in the back. I set up an inflatable bed in front of the closet because the light of the sun shines in. And the sun makes me feel better. The End.
  • Took my first midterm, and was second in my class to finish it!
  • Watched the Hot Water! episode of Family Guy. Father Stan buys a singing hot tub, which in turns makes him choose between his family or the tub– you can’t have both! You should recognize the singer behind the song. The whole episode is full of original songs. (on Netflix- it’s Season 7, Ep 1).
  • My grandmother and mother are in New York from Costa Rica and Florida, respectively. The possibility of seeing them next weekend is making me very happy since I’m not sure I’ll be seeing them during the holidays this year!!
  • The Gladiators are back on TV (#Scandal). I saw the premiere episode last night, but am still feeling like the premise is loosing some of its initial appeal. No spoilers here, but I wonder if it’ll keep my attention this season. What do ya’ll think?
  • I FINISHED ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, begrudgingly. (SPOILER ALERT) Now I have to wait until Spring of 2014 or summer? That’s cray. Here was my reaction to the ending: NOOOOOOOOOOO PIPER WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!! I had a premonition something bad was going to happen. It was a build up with the holiday and all that. They broke Vanilla. I mean, everyone has their breaking point. Easily my new favorite character is Poussey. I was glad to see Taystee again, but Poussey is so natural. She’s so darn cute, and I especially liked her tough exterior/sweet interior dichotomy. Believe it or not, Pennsyltucky was another character I hated to love. She’s so damn trashy! I promise I Googled her just to make sure her teeth weren’t really that jacked up. Them things are what nightmares are made of. I liked her flashback story, but I would have liked them to show how she personally negotiated her “salvation” with killing 5 babies. You don’t let that kind of guilt go and become so gung-ho for Jesus overnight. I’m really looking into reading the book, I think I may just do that to hold me over until Season 2.  DO SHARE! Have you read the book? What were your thoughts on Season 1? Fave characters, least favorite characters?


  • I am on a self-imposed Twitter break. For a month. I am in midterm season, and I have a feeling this semester is going to pass me by. Twitter was getting to be too much, I even find myself thinking in 140 characters now. So blogging is my only online platform, make sure you say hi once in a while. 🙂
  • I MISS DANCE in my life. I’m thinking about paying to take some Contemporary African dance classes when I get some down time on the weekend. Before it starts getting too cold and I will be hibernating at home.

LEAVE ME A COMMENT! What’s rocking your world right now?

Rockin’ My World: Fall Edition

Music that’s Rockin’ My World


Admittedly, I usually discover new music through a link online, a blog I follow, or a friend’s car. I am not big on purchasing music online or following release dates, but I still enjoy discovering a  song that takes me to a different time and place.

Here are the top 5 songs on heavy rotation right now.

Justin Timberlake- Let The Groove Get In

This song reminds of a late-night backyard fiesta in Cuba. A beautiful blend of percussion, horns, and catchy phrases- There, there, right there! I truly love how Justin’s songs evolve from one song to the next with changing beats…it’s very refreshing.

Justin Timberlake- Pusher Lover Girl

junk, junk, junk, junk, junkie for your love

Lianne La Havas- Elusive

Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines

A fun song.

Bruno Mars- Show Me.

Reggae tune.

BONUS TRACK: Stained by Tori Kelly.

Any new tunes you’ve discovered recently? How do you come across new music?


Music that’s Rockin’ My World