Receptionist Commandments

  1.   Thou shall have patience in abundance. Especially on the phone and dealing with arrogant a**holes that believe their call stops everyone’s world.
  2. Thou shall not chew or click and clack gum; use silent mints instead. 
  3. Thou shall not consume excessive liquids as relieving yourself is only allowed once every 4 hours.
  4. Thou shall keep a hand-mirror handy to check teeth status/coverage after meal and/or snacks.
  5. Thou shall unnaturally greet and smile exuberantly, but especially those employees that avoid eye contact.
  6. Thou shall always look busy behind your desk, most especially when the boss passes by.

And most importantly:

7. Thou shall not pass gas while thinking the coast is clear; the parameters are never to be guaranteed solitary.

What are some receptionist practices that irk your nerves?


PS- Guess who got a joby-job?!

Receptionist Commandments