Things I’m Passionate About: The Short List


In no particular order:

10. The treatment and identification of children who speak dialects and other languages in the scope of special education.

9. The #BlackandMissing, including those young people forced into sex trafficking.

8. Writing a book/ Writing in General

7. Autism

6. Food and Cooking

5. Traveling off-the-beaten-path

4. Lack of diversity in providers of speech-language pathology services

3. Adoption

2. Family in the scope of mental health. My own commitment to self-care and self-awareness.

1. Books. But fiction is better. 🙂

And one more: cultivating and maintaining my friendships.

What are some things you are passionate about?


Things I’m Passionate About: The Short List

Sweet Variability

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  •  At age 19 I thought I would become a social worker. My major would be Human Services, indeed a worthy cause. Someone said to me, you want to be broke and depressed all the time?
  •  At age 20 I discovered my junior college offered a Writing and Literature track… I love them both equally. And promptly changed my major.
  • At age 21 I completed 60 credits, and said goodbye to Community College with an Associate’s in Arts. My boss at the time inspired me to consider law. There’s not enough minorities practicing, he whispered.
  • At age 22 I gave Legal Studies a try. I was moved by immigration law, but did I really have to learn about all types of law before I could specialize? I went to an LSAT prep session, looked at the practice questions and high-tailed it out of there.


  •  At age 23 I went back to my first love: English. And for fun, I minored in Spanish.
  • At age 24 I studied abroad in Ecuador. I strengthened my Spanish, and met 11 awesome students on the trip. I coined us 12 the Ecua-Bunch.
  • At age 25 I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree– at the height of the recession. Figured I should go naturally in the direction of my talent– writing and try to break into publishing. I interned online with Centric TV’s Culture List Blog, and with magazines like Bridal Guide and Time Out NY: Kids. But at the end of the internships, there was no jobs in sight. With pressure building up, deduced that the writing thing was not as easy as I thought and went back to the drawing board.


  • Turning point came when I lost my ‘pay-the-bills’ job and decided I didn’t want another job I could get fired from. Was already considering Speech Language Pathology after talking to some friends in the field, did my own research and found a pre-requisite program with the right price tag. Began the fast-track in the Fall, with my eyes on the prize: Graduate school in 2012.
  • At 27 years old, I am beginning my grad school journey at an HBCU. In 2014, I will have completed my Master’s in Communicative Disorders. I still have some fears, but I cannot wait for next step after school! I love education, but it just has to stop! 🙂

How many detours did you have on your journey to discovering your passion?

Sweet Variability

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