Texts I Save (Post from 2012)

In the spirit of getting to know me better, and the follow-up to Voicemails I Don’t Delete, I give you a glimpse of messages I hold dearly.

I think everyone’s goal in life is to turn talent into profit. 😉 good morning. -Channing, friend

I have to tweet this! Any objections? – Nicole, friend

…good morning!! Your tickets for Chicago are for sure…! Done. CR too short notice..!! Also send me a copy of your birth certificate to add you at work… You will pay 35% anywhere you want to go..!! -Roberto, father

I miss u and i hope everything is ok with u. Remember they are debt collector and their are train to scear u n lie to yo 90% of what they say to u is a lie. -Maura, sister

I mean getting exactly what you want out of life. It’s a play on the theme of the book, and something I sincerely hope you experience. -someone I love

Do I have to ask to see you or should I patiently wait your invite… -someone I used to love

Hey Tracey! Google this book– Become a million dollar scholar. -Maryam, friend

Well play it out and see how it goes. The trick is not to imagine things further than what you can see with your own two eyes. Keep things in proper perspective. -Xavier, a former friend

A text addict,


Texts I Save (Post from 2012)

Voicemails I don’t delete- Part II

b2b sales prospecting voicemails

In this day and age, voicemail’s are obsolete unless I’m job hunting or expecting another major announcement. I don’t check them unless a strange number calls my phone and leaves a message. Any other person, I immediately call back. Which then leads to a conversation like “did you get my voicemail?”…”No, I actually didn’t check it” (read: please save me the excitement of typing in passwords and tell me why you called)

I can’t stand checking voicemail. Most of the time, I have saved messages or new messages from months ago. Except now my voicemail box deletes voicemails unless I save them. So here are my current saved messages.

Hey Tracey it’s Janice, uh, Ms.____, I’m  sorry. Based on the…an email I received late yesterday…I didn’t see it until after I saw you, we need to actually report to ____ this morning. I need you to come to _____ we’ll be there in the morning, we need to do a classroom observation, um, someone in Ms. ______’s  room and uh, there’s something else that I have to do. Give me a call let me know you got this message. Bye.

Hey Tica, what’s up? It’s Chevon. I saw you called…Fritz told me you called and said you were in town. So give me a call, maybe we can meet up with you today for a bit….I’m on my  way now to Yamile’s house…We do have another birthday party to get to later but uh, call me and let me know what your schedule is like and I can see if maybe we can meet up for a little while. Alright? Bye.

Umm hey I think I’m in front of your house but I don’t see a number and I saw some other people leave the house…so I don’t know if (inaudible). I’m in the car on 157th right next to _____________. Let me know.

Um I told you I was gonna call you and I told you to answer my call and you find a way not to answer my call I don’t know, I don’t know what to think about this… I’m upset. Alright.

Hey Tracey, it’s me ummm, whenever you get a chance can you please give me a call. Uh, I don’t know if ,uh,  Sue call you but she was very worry, um,  so she wanted to hear something from what’s going on. So call me back whenever you can. Love you babe, have a good day, bye-bye.

Hey Tracey this is Kenn ____. I am, um, sorry that I, um, totally relaxed and got settled and fell asleep last night and um and I was supposed to (brief laugh) we were supposed to talk last night. Anyhow I was trying to catch you this evening, um, I will be up for a bit so feel free to call me back. Or we can try again tomorrow. I hope you’re doing well. I’ll talk to you soon.

Hola mi nietita como esta? (pause) Cuando tiene un chance me llama, estoy en Nueva York. Okay bye-bye un besito.


Very telling, don’t you think? Find the first installment of voicemails here.

Are you a voicemail person? Why or why not?

Voicemails I don’t delete- Part II