Dear Momma

Today was the deadline for the Thanks-A-Thousand $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Western Union. The rules are simple: submit a photo, picture or note to someone you want to thank.

Although it’s Father’s Day, I penned a quick Thank You note to my mother. Because it felt right.


When it comes to your unconditional love for me… I’m at a loss.

No words are sufficient.

You had me at 16 years old, scared and unsure without having a mother of your own available at the time.

Time and time again, when the opportunity showed up for you to leave me behind…

You chose Love.

You chose Responsibility.

You chose Honor.

You chose me.


Even when I didn’t have the best, I had YOUR best and that was enough.

If I’ve never say it in plainest terms…


I want to say today,

Thank You. For choosing me.

Dear Momma