Everyday DC Sights

I’ve been trying to honor DC with a post for a couple of days, now. Life keeps getting in the way. As I’m officially a DC resident (15 months counts, right?) I’ve come to know this place in ways only a non-driving, loan-budgeting graduate student can. So, here are some of things I’ve come to learn and know about DC.

Mumbo/Mambo Sauce– I have no idea where the craze for mumbo sauce was born. I don’t even know how to spell it because of DC’ers unique pronunciations. The sauce is reddish/burgundy in color and can be requested at any Chinese food establishment to be devoured on wings, among other foods. Although I’m not a big sauce person, I tried it. It tasted like a concoction of barbeque and hot sauce mixed together. Nothing to write home about. But, still, big enough to get a mention.

Round-about’s– These dizzying road diversions are abundant in the District. If you’re driving, get ready to yield and cautiously exit at least 2 to get from one neighborhood to another. 

Go-Go music– You can only appreciate this music genre (locally born) by listening to it. So do it. Basically every popular song you know, has a Go Go version. It’s more about the beat and the mood it puts you in. Learn about The Godfather of Go Go, Chuck Brown.

Don’t Own a Bike here– I don’t know what the statistics are on bike theft in DC, but I have heard that people “saw” U-locks in broad daylight and no one does anything about it. I read an article in the free newspapers that were giving commuters tips on which TWO bike locks to purchase and how to lock their bikes down to prevent theft. There’s currently a Tumblr for people to list-serv their stolen bikes. Sad, but true. Also, if you’re in the mood for an amusing true-life bike theft story, read the City Paper’s Ride it Like it’s Hot column.

Howard University’s Homecoming– Anybody who’s anybody knows there’s nothing like Howard’s homecoming. I didn’t attend this year’s festivities but it is something I look forward to coming back and being apart of as alumni.

New Balance sneakersDC folks love them some New Balances. Don’t ask me why.

And now for the visuals:

Row-home kitty…
Sculpture Garden
World-War I memorial during the March on Washington 2013
Metro Bus.
Mouth of the underground metro
Inside the metro station
Fall in Columbia Heights
Capitol Hill


Have you ever been to DC? If so, what were your lasting impressions? If not, would you like to visit?

Everyday DC Sights