Things She Loves


Simple things that make me happy.

  • black & white photos
  • hand-written letters
  • handwriting
  • buying things in bulk (not food necessarily)
  • flawless curls
  • stationery
  • clever bathroom signs


  • Feel-good music
  • When a  (wo)man walks past me, but their (good!) scent remains
  • Sleeping and/or napping
  • unexpected kindness
  • cereal and ice cream together
  • kind words
  • chicken wings (especially tips)
  • funky nail polish20130102_161120
  • Spring weather and all its newness
  • Admiring women’s high heels shoes, not necessarily buying them
  • Girl’s Night Out


  • lists
  • banana pancakes
  • most warm cereals (not grits though)
  • compliments
  • candles
  • fresh linens
  • carefree fun

What are some simple things that make you happy?


Things She Loves