Friday Inspiration: Poetry

Once upon a time, I met this cat from Harlem named Sir Shadow. He’s a line artist, which means he never takes his instrument off the paper when creating, until he’s done. He gifted me his calendar of art and poetry and when I read this poem on Saturday, I thought I’d share it with you guys.

You can learn more about Sir Shadow here.

Here’s the poem that moved me.


I realized life creates art out of tragedies and set backs

And it is up to me to choose whether,

I become the victim or the artist…

I see what’s waiting for me,

If I turn my back on a positive state of mind… (5)

That’s why I cannot join the crowd.

Of complaining and blaming others

If my world seems up side down…

I must create another reality

Best for me for my inner peace. (10)

No matter the ups and downs that may surround me,

I cannot hold nothing or no one

Responsible for my inner peace,

Even if they change within the blink of an eye.

I realize this is how life changes sometimes, (15)

From stormy to a sunny sky or from a

Calm sea to a tsunami.

I still must move on with a positive state of mind.

I may become that one who

May change and leave someone behind… (20)

Reality to me is only a memory of days gone by.

This very moment is only a,

Reflection of me looking back,

On how I became positive and strong

By leaving negative thinking alone. (25)

I now see the sparkle in your eyes,

As you cried when I had to,

Say Goodbye.

–Sir Shadow

What lines resonated with you? Mines have to be Number 12 and 13… ”┬áI cannot hold nothing or no one┬áResponsible for my inner peace,” it reminded me that as an adult excuses can’t fly anymore. I can’t control people and I care about my peace of mind too much! Also, when I met him he kept stressing that “reality and dreams are only a memory” which in his philosophy means that we’ve already lived reality, and that which we dream are also only memories. It took me a while to grasp that concept, but I like how he says “this very moment is only a reflection of me looking back” it makes me happy to think that whatever I’m going through that I can’t see past and deem so unbearable I’ve already endured, and in the end I’ve got victory. That’s a reassuring thought.

Happy and Safe weekend,


Friday Inspiration: Poetry