School’s In & Other Stuff


I go back to work tomorrow. *Breathes deeply*

This week is the week before students go back to school. Maryland’s governor has pushed back the start date of school for students in order for the State to enjoy another week of summer break (read: Labor Day shmoney.) For a school-based SLP, this is the week before the craziness begins. There’s a chance to set-up speech rooms/offices/shared space/closets, acclimate oneself with the school schedule, culture, administrative staff, and teachers. There’s also the chance to look at the caseload, print IEP’s and get the organizational systems under way. I like the fresh slate of the beginning.

There’s the exciting part of the newness and then the prayers that your students won’t give you a run for your money. Or that the special education team is not a mess. In spite of all the unknowns, I’m thankful for a career where I’m needed and I’m glad to have a job!

This year, I’ll be getting a big lesson on time management as I work on my passion project part time. With a part time job starting my company and part time in the schools, I’m looking forward to where I’ll be 6 months from now. As for now, I’m enjoying the end of my last day of vacation.

What was the highlight of your summer?


School’s In & Other Stuff

What’s Rockin’ My World: Agosto

It’s the 8th month of the year! Wow… That means we are that much closer to the fall, then Thanksgiving…then we’ll be bidding farewell to 2017. This has been an unusual summer for me. It’s been actual uninterrupted time off, but no travel (sad face- #adultingforreal.) Instead, we put all our extra money towards the move. We’ve been in our condo for one month now, and we are pretty settled in. I love our space, and especially that it’s not my apartment or his, but it’s OURS.

My summer has been pretty low-key, and I am taking the time to get some depth projects up and going. The down side to having all this time is discipline. I try to put some intentions out for the week, so that I can have a list to check off at the end of each day. I am also a big fan of sleeping in, but waking up late (after 11am) makes me feel like I’m wasting the day. Pretty soon, I’ll have to start setting my alarm to get back into the groove of early mornings.

Here’s what else has been rockin’ my world:

Walter White

  • Binge-a-thon: After over a year of not watching, I’ve returned to Breaking Bad (up to Season 4 now.) I’ve also indulged in other shows like: Transparent (Amazon), The Keepers (Netflix crime-mystery drama,) and ratchet TV (Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood is back on.) I also finished Married at First Sight (and the Second Chances show) but I’m done watching that show for good, don’t know why it keeps getting renewed.
  • I am moving forward with the private practice on a part-time basis. Step by step and hoping to start seeing clients as early as September/October. #careergoals
  • On apps like “Let Go” daily, trying to finish decorating our apartment with things people don’t want anymore.
  • Cooking whenever I feel like and no apology when I don’t.
  • Looking for another part time job. If I go back to the schools, it will be on a part time basis only. It’s so freeing to have no ties, and scary at the same time.
  • Reading whenever I feel enthused. Finished one book so far this summer. Book review here.
  • I’m really thankful for having this time I know there may not be another summer like this, and for that reason alone I’m allowing myself to just be. #withoutjudgment
  • I still want to pierce my nose. Haven’t done it yet.

What’s Rockin’ Your August?


What’s Rockin’ My World: Agosto

Know Yourself. Know Your Worth. (Tips for NEW Professionals)

FullSizeRenderGraduate school prepared me for many things clinical but this past year my job prepared me for lessons that can’t be taught in the classroom. Life lessons. Namely: contracts, work environment, and overall satisfaction.

Back in July of 2014, I promptly accepted my first job offer as a clinical fellow in speech language pathology. At that point, I had been out of school for one month and ready to begin working. I moved out of my first over-priced apartment in DC, was sleeping on my mentor’s daughter’s bunk bed, and was so ready to begin the road to supporting myself on my own income! I now consider all the factors and pressure I put on myself at that time, and wish I would have taken my time before signing my name. Simply put, I rushed in and made mistakes.

I decided to write this post to offer some tips on what to do AFTER you rock the interview and receive an offer letter/contract. I made mistakes so you don’t have to!

1. Listen to that little voice! I cannot stress the importance of TRUSTING yourself. That voice rises up when something doesn’t sit well, sound right and cannot be explained to your satisfaction. Heed to your intuition. It normally doesn’t steer you wrong.
2. Let a seasoned professional/mentor read your contract. Find someone who has no ties to the company (unbiased), and has more experience with contracts than you. They can draw you to red flags, and explain language that may elude you so that you understand exactly what you are getting into. Contracts are generally hard for lay people to read, unless you’re versed in lawyer talk. Don’t feel bad asking for translation. If you still don’t understand, ask the hiring manager for clarification until it makes sense to you.
3. If you need time to decide, don’t be pressured into deadlines. Employers use this tactic to try and get you to commit to something before you’re really sold or have had enough time to thoroughly understand the contract. Be wary of any company that gives you a tight deadline (i.e., 2 days) to make a decision on something so very important. Kindly request more time to make a decision, if they seem antsy to lock you in, this should be a red flag. Clearly this is also very important when it comes to waiting on other offers and when you’re trying to consider the pro’s and con’s to particular positions.
4. Speak up for what you want/Develop a Back Bone. Contract negotiations can be a bit intimidating, but in the field of speech language pathology, therapists have an advantage. Currently, there’s a higher demand than licensed and qualified professionals and when there’s an offer in your hand remember that THEY NEED YOU. You, however, have the advantage to choose from plenty of jobs that are available. This mindset helps develop the confidence you need to get exactly what you want.

Other Great resources can be found online:

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Here’s to hoping you learn from my lessons!

Happy job hunting!


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Know Yourself. Know Your Worth. (Tips for NEW Professionals)

Writing about Writing: How I Converse with My World


I like my blog. It’s my space and I try to keep it honest and stress-free. When it comes to my “rules” for blogging: 1. I do it for myself first! and 2. Be Yourself. I don’t have rules about how often you should blog, a niche, quality content– I generally blog what I feel when I feel it and let the content speak for itself. I can’t put those restrictions on my writing, if I did, then I would just quit writing. Globetracer is going on 4 years old, and it’s probably my most longest commitment to writing consistently. Sure. I am like most writers; I have blank journals lying all around my apartment. However, I usually write on paper what I cannot share publicly. That tends to be short-lived. I am a believer that some things are sacred so I don’t blog about my romantic relationships. Not directly. Paper is where most of those angst-ridden emotions end up.

Sometimes I wish I had more to write about. I wish I had an awesome trip planned monthly. However, that’s not where I’m at right now and I’m trying to accept that. As sad as it is. I’m “adulting” right now, which means I’m learning how to live life contently working, paying bills, complaining, waking up early, eating out, having adult conversations and trying to find my happy place. Seems like if I could or wanted to write everyday, 98% of the content would be about work. And that would be boring. But that would be true. It’s where I’m at right now.

I’m still thankful. I have a handful of consistent readers, and even those who breeze through usually can connect to something I’ve blogged about. I love comments. I enjoy the “likes.”  I like the community I’ve built here. I want to start finding more blogs to connect with, and I want to start doing more vlogs driving my car around the City. I have a passion for helping those soon-to-be-graduates in Speech Pathology with what lies ahead in their journey to full licensure. I also want to start opening more about mental health issues, including a new step stone, which includes a psychiatric evaluation happening this week. Lots of firsts. Lots of emotions. Lots of maturing to do. Lots of content to expose. Stay tuned.

Buckle up,


Writing about Writing: How I Converse with My World

Seasons Change: And So Do We

Change. The only constant, as they say.

There’s been many, many changes going on AROUND ME since and before my last post of September 21st.

  • I got a real life job, in which I’m responsible for children’s communicative progress, and am also responsible for counseling and guiding their parents on the journey. I work for a pediatric private practice in which I see children from 2-12 years old. I am also contracted to a middle school, which I work 3 mornings a week.
  • I moved into my own apartment, full of expansive opportunity and eerie silence.
  • I began learning all the things you only learn on the job; co-workers temperaments, who I could confide in, protocols for addressing problems and concerns, how to advocate for myself and learning how to say “no.”
  • I’ve become financially stressed with the sole responsibilities of rent, bills, gas, and everyday expenses.
  • I leave work and dread the idea of going home to do more work (mainly, paperwork).

So basically, I am now a functioning adult in society.

Except, I’ve been barely functioning. I never stopped to acknowledge how much I have also changed in these past couple of months. This time last year my biggest responsibilities were self-serving. I prepared for exams and took copious notes, and today, I deal with more than just students or clients. I am responsible for lives. I talk to parents that want to know when their child will be “fixed” and what causes comprehension issues…

My current life beckons that I take all my “book knowledge” and practically apply it, fake it until I make it, and also cultivate skills I’ve never had to use before. I have to reassure a parent that there’s hope for more consistent progress with their child, make connections (ask questions to parents, offer information about myself) and be more open than Tracey naturally would. The Burgeoning clinician has to come out of Tracey’s shell. The Burgeoning clinician has to make small talk, The Burgeoning clinician has to think outside of direct therapy with the client, but to how the disability or delay affects the family and what “team” effort means in the regard. The Burgeoning clinician has to know what she doesn’t know, and also be humble enough to admit that some answers come with experience which comes with time.

It’s a lot. But, baby steps. And with the seasons changing, I’m changing not only on the inside…but I am at one of those moments in my life (i.e.: remember this post?) where I NEED to see a different person looking back at me in the mirror.

A woman who smiles more, who is taking it one day at a time, who is having a difficult transition from student to full time professional…but, baby steps.

I’m trying on a new crown, just needs some adjusting.


Seasons Change,


Seasons Change: And So Do We

Rockin’ My World: Back to School Edition

  • I’m a second year graduate student and time seems to be flying! Will I learn everything I need to learn by the time these 9 months are up? Probably NOT! But it doesn’t mean it won’t get learned.
  • Orange is the New Black is my new favorite show.  I’m up to Episode 3, and I’m already a groupie. The show even responded to my Tweet today!

  • PRAXIS- By March of 2014 I will have to take this exam and pass it. It’s basically everything you learned in graduate school and undergraduate (or pre-req’s, in my case) in our field of Speech Language Pathology. It is one step closer to graduation, and gives me anxiety. I’m just trying to breathe and take it one day at a time.
  • I’ve decided to go PUBLIC on Twitter. Basically that means my Tweets are now open for one and all to read, whereas before you had to request to follow me before you could read my tweets. The idea still makes me a little hesitant especially because I have to censor myself…and open myself up to spammers sending me tweets with links but I like the fact that I can talk and respond to Tweets of people who don’t follow me, and it seems like I get to engage with much more people now. TWITTER IS A PUBLIC CONVERSATION. And it’s becoming more interactive for me, which I enjoy.
  • My clinic placement is an elementary school this semester. I’m so excited! After having a year of HS and middle schoolers, I’m ready for some kiddies who are just excited about SPEECH!
  • I’m still trying to get used to my new room. But in a couple of months, I may be able to move to the front room where there’s more sunlight! All hail the power of windows!

Overall I’m feeling very confident about this semester!

Tell me what’s rockin’ your world!! Are you back in school? Are you taking a trip soon? What are you looking forward to this Fall?

Rockin’ My World: Back to School Edition