Honeee: Lianne La Havas (New Obsession)


“Who are you?” La Havas said at one point, wondering about the fans who’d filled the club, screamed her name and knew the words to all of her songs. “I’m playing it cool, but I’m very, very overwhelmed.” -Godfrey for the Washington Post

I learned about Lianne La Havas through fellow blogger Jason. I really didn’t take her gift seriously until I added her station to Pandora (which I’m also recently over, now that I’ve learned about Songza) and started to realize that there was hardly not one of her songs that I didn’t like. Her music is a nice, smoky escape from reality to a place where guitars and vocals make beautiful babies,

If I had to describe Lianne’s voice in one word, I would use the word HONEY. It’s that smooth. It’s also so rich and addicting. Was that lame? Along with her stunning voice comes a natural-hair wearing caramel skin beauty! Plus, get this, her teeth are not straight! Am I crazy for saying that? I enjoy people who are themselves, uncensored. I hope she never fixes her teeth, even when she can afford it. During her recent concert (April 12th) at the 930 Club, she reassuringly told the audience “Yes, I’ll marry you.” There is hope! Therefore for the aforementioned reasons, my current obsession of the spring, Ms. Lianne.


Full name: Lianne Charlotte Barnes

Birthday: August 23, 1989 (she’s a baby- going to be 24 soon!)

Nationality: Born in London, England to a Greek father and Jamaican mother.

Album: Is Your Love Big Enough? released on July 9, 2012 in the UK (her first!)

Talents: Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (she get it from her Daddy)

Her Opening Song (No Room for Doubt, please excuse the childish chatter)


At the end of her show, she obliged the crowd who would not stop clapping, but then closed the show with a genuine goodbye saying “I’ve reached my last song now because I’ve only thus far made one album.” The first, we hope, and not the last.

I think I’m in Love (again),


Past obsessions:


Honeee: Lianne La Havas (New Obsession)

Friday Inspiration: Poetry

Once upon a time, I met this cat from Harlem named Sir Shadow. He’s a line artist, which means he never takes his instrument off the paper when creating, until he’s done. He gifted me his calendar of art and poetry and when I read this poem on Saturday, I thought I’d share it with you guys.

You can learn more about Sir Shadow here.

Here’s the poem that moved me.


I realized life creates art out of tragedies and set backs

And it is up to me to choose whether,

I become the victim or the artist…

I see what’s waiting for me,

If I turn my back on a positive state of mind… (5)

That’s why I cannot join the crowd.

Of complaining and blaming others

If my world seems up side down…

I must create another reality

Best for me for my inner peace. (10)

No matter the ups and downs that may surround me,

I cannot hold nothing or no one

Responsible for my inner peace,

Even if they change within the blink of an eye.

I realize this is how life changes sometimes, (15)

From stormy to a sunny sky or from a

Calm sea to a tsunami.

I still must move on with a positive state of mind.

I may become that one who

May change and leave someone behind… (20)

Reality to me is only a memory of days gone by.

This very moment is only a,

Reflection of me looking back,

On how I became positive and strong

By leaving negative thinking alone. (25)

I now see the sparkle in your eyes,

As you cried when I had to,

Say Goodbye.

–Sir Shadow

What lines resonated with you? Mines have to be Number 12 and 13… ” I cannot hold nothing or no one Responsible for my inner peace,” it reminded me that as an adult excuses can’t fly anymore. I can’t control people and I care about my peace of mind too much! Also, when I met him he kept stressing that “reality and dreams are only a memory” which in his philosophy means that we’ve already lived reality, and that which we dream are also only memories. It took me a while to grasp that concept, but I like how he says “this very moment is only a reflection of me looking back” it makes me happy to think that whatever I’m going through that I can’t see past and deem so unbearable I’ve already endured, and in the end I’ve got victory. That’s a reassuring thought.

Happy and Safe weekend,


Friday Inspiration: Poetry

Sensual Interludes: Remember those?

Remember Interludes?

That’s how you knew whether someone really owned and album or not. If they knew the interludes.

That soft and warm, heavenly bridge to the next song…

Those 2 minute teasers you wish were full-out songs. If you’re not familiar with any of the following ‘ludes check out Grooveshark, where you can search for any song for free. Thank me later.

  • Feeling Me, Feeling You by Alicia Keys

for Valentina– the #1 AK fan. This ‘lude carries some serious sexual currents. 

  • Truth or Dare by Martin Luther

this is not technically an interlude but there’s not much singing going on either. *shrugs*

  • Maxine’s Interlude by John Legend

i was wondering where she went, too, bruh

  • Sexy You by 112
  • Was it Good by Chico Debarge

sometimes no words need to be spoken. That’s what I think Chico was saying with this one.

You should judge an artist by their interludes. If an interlude can take you there…Yes Sir!



Sensual Interludes: Remember those?