Letter to Encourage Myself

Dear ________,

You’ve never been necessarily good at cheering yourself up, but it’s about time you hone those skills. You can’t always depend on your personal cheerleading squad to give you a pep-talk. For one, it’s unrealistic to expect people to be around EVERY time you need them and secondly you may have¬† to steer clear of well-intentioned bad advice at times.

I know that doubts and fear are at the forefront of your mind. Don’t give those thoughts any leverage– or they will run rampant. Most of the time fear is irrational, there is no real imminent threat.¬† It’s time to readjust your frame of mind. Yes, you’ve gone from studying the arts to studying the sciences. There are inherent differences you must adapt to. With the arts, creativity thrives and an argument can be proved if you are clever enough to paint the picture. The diplomatic sciences are where things are they way they are because they are. There is no leeway, there is no partial points, there is no other way around it. You memorize it and you know it or you don’t and you fail. Live by your personal motto’s that once you commit to something, failure is not an option and mediocrity is for the birds. Give this your best shot, and if speech pathology is not for you, then let it go and continue on your search…

It’s hard to reconcile the shock of re-building a support system and moving to a new place. But it’s not impossible. It’s good to recognize that a support system is necessary in your life, and your experiences with making new friends, choosing the right people to be around, and who remembers you when you’re away from home is all a part of recognizing who is worthy of being in your inner circle. Living alone is a unique experience, and another way to get to know yourself better. Many people never have the opportunity to do it! Living in a new town will also give you some indication on the type of place you’ll be comfortable settling down in. That may not happen for some time but you are still young, this is only temporary and that means that before you know it… it’ll be time to move somewhere else.

Get yourself back in line with the spiritual! There is nothing like that calming inner peace that comes from being in habitual communication with God. Feed your spirit weekly, if not daily, and remember that you don’t have to bear the burden alone, you can share it with Christ.

There are people rooting for you, even though they may not be at the forefront of your mind.

Have faith in yourself, you can’t get this time back so take advantage of it…. NOW!


Your Encouraged Self

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Letter to Encourage Myself