Texts I Save (Post from 2012)

In the spirit of getting to know me better, and the follow-up to Voicemails I Don’t Delete, I give you a glimpse of messages I hold dearly.

I think everyone’s goal in life is to turn talent into profit. 😉 good morning. -Channing, friend

I have to tweet this! Any objections? – Nicole, friend

…good morning!! Your tickets for Chicago are for sure…! Done. CR too short notice..!! Also send me a copy of your birth certificate to add you at work… You will pay 35% anywhere you want to go..!! -Roberto, father

I miss u and i hope everything is ok with u. Remember they are debt collector and their are train to scear u n lie to yo 90% of what they say to u is a lie. -Maura, sister

I mean getting exactly what you want out of life. It’s a play on the theme of the book, and something I sincerely hope you experience. -someone I love

Do I have to ask to see you or should I patiently wait your invite… -someone I used to love

Hey Tracey! Google this book– Become a million dollar scholar. -Maryam, friend

Well play it out and see how it goes. The trick is not to imagine things further than what you can see with your own two eyes. Keep things in proper perspective. -Xavier, a former friend

A text addict,


Texts I Save (Post from 2012)

Things that Make Me Smile All Over My Face

Short list of things that put an instant smile on my face.

  • BREAD. I mostly prefer Italian, not sliced bread. I recently discovered Panera Bread. Whoever invented the soup in a bread bowl should have a plaque in their honor.
  • SALSA MUSIC. I don’t know who’s spirit is not lifted by salsa music. I love the classics: watch a few.

(with Ms. Debbie Allen getting down!)

And my all-time favorite song!

  • THE SUN– Especially after days of snow and bitter weather.
  • TEXT MESSAGES LATE AT NIGHT or EARLY IN THE MORNING– Who doesn’t want to be the last thought before bed or the first memory as soon as the sun rises?
Image from WeHeartIt
  • SURPRISES– Mostly when I can anticipate them. 🙂
  • FLIGHT CONFIRMATION E-MAILS– I love planes. I probably went into the wrong field.
  • KITTENS– Self-explanatory.
  • RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS– The last random act of kindness that someone did for me was interpret some math scores. Anyone who struggles with math knows exactly what that means.
  • THE RIGHT SONG at THE RIGHT TIME- Ever been listening to Pandora and then POW! that song comes on. Yea, powerful.
  • BABIES LAUGHTER- Have you seen this one yet?
  • YOU TUBE VIDEOS that you’re glad you wasted time watching- Like this one:
  • WRITING– When I can’t seem to be productive, writing is always easy. Hitting the PUBLISH button makes my day.

What are some things that make your list?

Things that Make Me Smile All Over My Face