Thanksgiving 2016

This Thanksgiving was non-traditional but still special. I got to travel back home for a bit for the second time this year and recalibrate (refresh, rejuvenate, and reset.) I had been struggling a lot more recently with getting out of my head and being present no matter what is going on. Work has been difficult and I’ve been unmotivated. It’s been very difficult to enjoy those things that I usually enjoy. These past 3 months have not been easy, but time has helped. Being in the presence of my loved ones, in a place that I don’t see nearly enough, has done me good. And I’m gon’ be alright.



Thanksgiving 2016

Grassy Ass: Time to Be Thankful

Hello my faithful and beautiful readers! The holidays are upon us once again, getting excited yet?

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and although family is spread out all over the country I am determined to go see about the ones that I love and love me! Plus, I need a mini get-away. So I’m going to New York for a quick stint. I had to cancel my trip due to the wonderful snow “storm.” I will have to see about this little munchkin next month before I head to see my momma in Ft. Lauderdale.

There are so many things to be thankful for! It is easy during the holidays to get caught up on what we don’t have. I’m guilty of this every. single. day. But I’m also reminded that 1. I gotta job, 2. I have a healthy family that keeps growing, and 3. I have an opportunity every single morning to have a better day than the one before and so… here are 7 Top Things I’m Grateful for:

7. This little addition to the family, which I’m also hoping to meet in December.

His name is Zion. Born 9/11 at 9:11 a.m.

6. My roommate and I survived (almost) one month, and I pray we can continue coexisting in peace.

5. I’m planning a small mother-daughter trip next month and I am looking forward to it! I’m soooooo overdue for a trip.

4. The New Year is almost here! Which means I’ve survived almost 6 months at my job. It hasn’t been easy, but in that time I’ve 1) given a clinical round table on Basic Spanish useful for the field, 2) been a part of countless IEP meetings 3) have gotten a better idea on which work setting might be a good fit for me.

3. It’s been almost 10 months since I purchased my used car and Jett is still going strong.

2. New Thanksgiving traditions.

1. Growing pains. Daily work but I pray the pain is not in vain.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!


Grassy Ass: Time to Be Thankful

Thankful Season: 5 Things

Man, this year is almost over. 2014 is almost here. I just want to take some time to BE HERE. On Thanksgiving Day. I’m currently sitting in my friend’s living room near the Jersey Shore. With a red plush blankie wrapped around my person and Nanny McPhee on the screen. This is my 196th post! I’m so thankful you’re reading it.

I’m thankful that in 2 weeks, I will have one more semester left in my Master’s program! Class of 2014!!

I’m thankful to have met so many great people on Twitter, people who always check in, interact and talk back to me!  Some fave tweets of late:

I’m thankful that some important people in my life are making life-altering moves. I pray God give them strength and the daily motivation they need to keep pushing. 

I’m thankful that 2013 has been so awesome! I want to end the year on that same high.

In less than 20 days, I will be participating in another service trip! This time…I’ll be heading to:


What are you thankful for this year?


Thankful Season: 5 Things

What’s Rockin’ My World: {Before Finals} Edition

  • Finals begin next week *cue dramatic music* and then I’ll do a happy dance for a couple of weeks until I register for the PRAXIS in January *cue even more dramatic music*
  • Holidays tend to make me sad because my family is away. I become reflective about the past year, and it makes me want to strive for more than what I currently have.
  • 2013 was SOOOOO good to me! The things I experienced this year were EPIC. I must remember it, before I have a chance to complain.
  • 2014 will bring more transition, and more adult-like decisions. I’m going to be a real-life working adult! Legit.
  • Graduation is May 2014! You comin’?
  • I’m still fresh back from Chicago where I attended the annual convention for speech language pathologists and audiologists (hosted by ASHA– American Speech-Language Hearing Association) from November 12-17th. I was privileged to be a part of a Minority Student Leadership Program, which is great recognition, but still a bit disconcerting considering speech pathology is 94% white-dominated! Diversity is necessary in the growing and ever-changing country we live in!
Look Ma! I’m famous.

Some of my thoughts a couple of days into the Convention:

  • Here’s what one of the brilliant undergraduate students, Milon, had to say about the term “minority.” PS- He’s a minority AND male, which means he’ll basically never be without a job in our field.
  • I fell in love with Chicago. If it weren’t so cold, I could consider it a city to move to. It reminded me of NYC, except with less people. Perfect blend of city sights and musings, minus the garbage and rudeness. Here’s some video we took at Millennium Park, in the middle of a busy Saturday afternoon.
  • DC is experiencing a nasty weather drop, all I can say is *Kevin Hart voice* Nooooooooooo, I’m not ready!

Well, folks, thanks for still reading and I hope you all have a happy and safe holiday! Catch me on a daily tip here Twitter- @TracitaLinda. I talk back!

What’s rockin’ your world right now?

What’s Rockin’ My World: {Before Finals} Edition