5 Songs I didn’t want you to know I liked

[Warning: Explicit Content]

5. Kirko Bangz- Drank In My Cup

He’s repping H town (Houston), he’s a cutie, and this song is what I would play whilst getting ready to step out!

4. Drake ft The Dream- Shut It Down

This is just a sexy song.

3. Strip and No BSРChris Brown

Although I don’t support this man or his image, “don’t you be on that Bull ish” when it’s time to Strip… I can relate to that.

2. Birthday Song- 2 Chainz ft. Kanye (Ratchet video alert!)

I don’t know if 2 Chainz ever finished school. But the coherency of thoughts in these lyrics make me laugh so hard that I’m ashamed to like this song.

They ask me what I do

And who I do it for

And how I come up with this ish

Up in the studio

ALL I WANT FOR MY BURFDAY is a big booty H(*


1. P*&# is Mine- Miguel

Story about a man who knows he’s not the only one, but wants to pretend he is anyway. I loose my religion listening to this.

Lie to me, Lie to me, Lie to me

Sometimes, lies are sweet.

What songs are you ashamed to find yourself singing?

Share some good ones!


5 Songs I didn’t want you to know I liked