Cupcakes and Contracts: Updates

*taps mic* I be still here.

I’ve been dreading writing this post. Not because I didn’t want to write it, but because I wouldn’t know where to begin. There is so much satisfaction in laying in bed on a Saturday night writing. There is so much contentment with gathering my thoughts and sharing them in my safe space. I’ve been thinking about this, but my thoughts never turned into action because I haven’t been in a good mental place for a while. I’ve got great news to share, but I’m also living out of suitcases right now and my temporary “home” has been mainly my eating, showering and sleeping headquarters. I’m not complaining. Just sayin’…


First thing first: Cupcakes.

I started this blog a month before my 26th birthday. I’m 29 now! So much has happened in these 3 years. I’ve gone back to school to pursue a Master’s degree (and FINISHED!), moved to a new city, and finally became an American citizen. Since then, I’ve also traveled to Haiti (1st time), the Bahamas (2nd time) and Bermuda (1st time). This years birthday was very low key. I WORKED most of the day (#adultlife…boooo) then went out to a late dinner in what is now my favorite restaurant in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. It’s called La Malinche, and it’s in downtown Silver Spring. I had Spanish tapas and sangria and it was a great night. My weekend was full of cupcakes! And I wasn’t shuring.

Next up: Contracts


You may have guessed it…I have not been blogging because I got a real life job. I got some letters behind my name! I’m a Clinical Fellow in Speech Pathology! (CF-SLP) I decided to start working at a private practice. Right now I have part time hours but come mid-August I will be a full time employee. During the day, I work at a “speech” camp for special populations. Most of the children need help with social communication, and the camp offers an ideal place where they can work on those skills with special support from therapists.

Thus far, my summer has been very interesting. Very tiring, and full of lots of changes, but I know the sacrifice now is for the best in my future. The transition is not fun, but I thank God He’s sent some awesome people in my life to help me.

So even when I come home late, eat and fall out in a bed that’s not my own…I still have to recognize that praise belongs to God. I’m holding on to that.

On my way,


Cupcakes and Contracts: Updates

What’s Rockin’ My World: Close to Graduation edition

  • 24 days until graduation and then I can be like….large
  • Job searching season. Which includes my favorite things….Interviews. Except at this point in my life, it just seems like a formality. YA KNOW I GOT DA JOB!
  • #RelishaRudd. I’ve been kind of obsessed over this case for the past month to be honest, following any Washington Post articles with insider information about her life and disappearance. I could dedicate a whole post to the shady details surrounding her disappearance, but it would all boil down to a list of questions. Have you been following? It’s the case of an 8 year old girl who was “taken” (allegedly, since some believe she was handed over by her mother) from a homeless shelter here in DC. Her alleged abductor was found a couple of weeks ago in a park, apparently he killed himself after he shot his wife dead a couple of weeks before. The question that’s left is where’s Relisha? The latest reports speculate that she may still be alive, and sold into sex-trafficking. What do you think happened to her?
  • Spring time slowing moving in= I don’t want to sit in nobody’s classroom anymore.
  • I am hardly in the mood to cook anymore and money’s running out.
  • GOOD _______. (fill-in-the-blank)
  • Another online STATISTICS class= death to all online classes.
  • The end of this chapter is near. I’m paranoid that I’m going to be missing some requirement that won’t allow me to walk. Irrational fears because it ain’t happening!
  • GOOD ________ . (fill-in-the-blank)
  • The endless possibilities from here on out. Will I be brave enough to take them?
  • Big hair.
  • Cocktail dresses.



  • Cherry Blossoms. A time of year that brings everybody into DC to witness Spring make its way in.
  • I have the attention span of a 2 year old. #Distractions
  • JETT, my baby. I have had my Jetta for almost 2 months now, so far, no complaints! We are ready to conquer summer!

Your turn. What’s rocking your world?

What’s Rockin’ My World: Close to Graduation edition

Latest News: August is Peeking

photo (18)Lots of changes are taking place towards the end of July and the beginning of the last summer month, August. Change is good, but at the same time, can cause some fear, anxiety and disruption from my routine. I’m namely referring to (1) getting a new phone, (2) getting a new roommate and (3) not traveling anywhere far this summer. What is the big deal with getting a new phone, you must be thinking? I guess in reality it’s really not an issue, it’s just interim before the phone comes that is hard. Getting a new roommate is understandably difficult, a shift of living conditions and the idea of having a new person in my space. Not traveling– well, that is a big change for me considering I’m not working to support that luxury at this point in my life. I’m trying to substitute not getting on a flight for some short road trips. But right now, I’m sorely overdue for getting away from the City and I don’t see one in sight until about 3 more weeks. 3 more weeks of torture.

New Roommate

At 27/28 years old, I’m too old for this. Seriously. The funny part is that I’ve not really had a horrible experience. I’ve just had an uncomfortable experience, and that was bad enough. I’ve never lived with anyone who wasn’t family, so this was definitely a wake-up call. I don’t know what to make of the experience, except we just weren’t a good match. Communication was one of the major issues, and I think the unfamiliar formality of the arrangement was also something I didn’t like. I’ve been showing the apartment to other hopeful tenants, without realizing this place is really a hard sell! I didn’t like it the first time I saw it. I took it because I was desperate to get settled somewhere before school started. Well, in September I’ll be here for another 9 months before my life takes another turn. Graduation will be around the corner and I’ll be looking forward to signing another lease– by myself.

New Phone

Droid failed me. My phone gave out on SevenEleven- the day after my birthday. At first, it wouldn’t register my network and then it just started shutting off on its own. I took it to the store, they changed the battery, changed the SIM and nothing changed. Well, my warranty had expired just 2 weeks before and there was nothing T-Mobile could do for me with no insurance. I was forced to use a backup phone, forced into back tracking to non-smartphone status. It was 3 days later that I realized that my smartphone is a lifestyle now. Not a choice. I feel all out of sorts without it, without a doubt, it’s an addiction now. But, it truly does make my life easier. Or at the very least, it makes me feel that way. Shopping for my next option, has been a bit exhaustive, but nonetheless I’m ready for change.

From Work Life to Student Life

I miss having the freedom that a weekly income provides. Schedule some time off, take a trip. You’re right, I just came back from Las Vegas. But that trip was not really for me. It was to be a bridesmaid, a help, a friend. I really need a retreat. For me. What do you do when you need to get away from the familiar and recoup but you can’t go anywhere far? Right now, I’m thinking about taking a trip to the Coast. I’m longing to hear some waves and eat some seafood. This student life is relentless. I’m ending my online class this week, finally! Never taking one again. Don’t do it. There’s no direct instruction, and it feels like someone just made a schedule which involves reading, assignments and exam. Except, you teach yourself. I don’t know how people do it. Glad that’s over. Well, right now, I’ll be vacationing by revisiting older posts, and planning something before school starts on August 26th. School is a month away! Where did the time go?

Things I’ve learned about myself this summer:

  • I may just be fed up with the concrete jungle. Somewhat.
  • Free time and me are no good together. Busy is better.
  • I am still learning to enjoy my own company. It’s a process.
  • Summer is better spent outside, but not when the sun is brutal. Safety first.

What are you looking forward to next month? How do you get-away when you can’t physically leave your location?

Latest News: August is Peeking


I recently Google’d my name and came across this feature for Transitioning Movement I didn’t even know had published before I chopped my hair off in August.

I was Transitioning Beauty of the Week back in September.

My hair has gone through a lot. When I had a say, I chose to put my hair through a lot.

It’s been chemically treated.

It’s been dyed.

It’s been fried.

But over the past 4 years I’ve cut down on the frequency of heat placed on it. I’ve spent countless dollars on ‘natural’ products. I’ve cut my hair short. Worn my curls proudly.

I have fallen in love with my hair. But I’m also a fan of change and keeping things fresh. That will never change.

Let’s journey since my latest big chop.

August 2012






2012-11-16 16.38.20



January 2013 

First time putting some heat to it.

Soon I will get my hair shaped so that it’ s all even and grows back evenly again. I’m curious to see what I will decide to do next.