Fall Favorite: Broad City (Hulu)

A recap of my fave episode of Season 1. #BroadCity is available to binge on Hulu.


Broad City is based in New York, it revolves around two friends: Ilana and Abbi. It follows their lives; their triumphs and failures- but it ain’t that deep. They are funny, quirky girls trying to make it in a big city.


The episode starts with a music video re-enactment in the tune of Drake’s “Started from the Bottom.” Can you stand the rain, anyone? Abbi’s making it rain at the bank, depositing a big ass check from a recent illustration gig.

After she discovers her non-roommate jerking off in the living room, she decides she’s moving out. The assignment: find a new apartment in New York City. The broker, Pam, pulls up.

After 3 apartment viewings, Abbi decides to search on her own without Pam’s expertise.

Ilana, her spunky counterpart, has discovered she is being charged for a remote she never returned when she cancelled her cable service. But where, or who, has the lost remote?

Abbi enlists the help of Ilana’s “boy toy” Lincoln, to search for an apartment. Did she find her dream place?

Best line of the episode: “Bitch, you’re 22.”

Warning: If you don’t like cussing or vulgar comedy, this show is probably not for you.

What’s your fall favorite show?

Fall Favorite: Broad City (Hulu)

Things My Life Consists Of

Spring is officially here! I cannot wait for warmer weather and riding in my car with the windows down, as well as being motivated to purchase some balcony furniture. Thing is, I don’t own a dining room set. So will it be wrong to get outside furniture when the inside still needs furnituring? cafecito 1. Coffee in the mornings or in the afternoons. I can’t stay up without it now. My friend was telling me about a “liquid” vitamin she drinks that helps with energy. I believe I have “low iron” and all in all, I should be on a multi-vitamin. My past history has shown that I’m just not consistent with pills so I’d rather save that money. Are you a fan of vitamins? Pills or potions?

2. Audible.com. I finished “listening” to my first audio book! It was called Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. It was a fiction book, something I would have never chosen on my own, but I’m glad I finished it and it was a solid read. Stevenson shares his life passion and work with death row inmates who have been wrongfully accused and awaiting execution. Or children who have been sentenced to life imprisonment for non-homicide crimes. Depressing, angering and heart-wrenching to hear him speak of cases that would make a person like me loose faith in the justice system. But hope. I’m browsing the selection for my next book– I may continue the fiction bandwagon. What are you reading right now? Anything worth recommending?

3. The school year is close to being done, and I.can’t.wait. Let’s get through Spring Break first though. It’s coming up in April. However, I have no plans to travel as of right now. I still technically work in the evenings. Brain is craving some sort of retreat so…I’ll report back soon. Some sort of stay-cation may be more doable.

4. I’m chubbier. Which is conflicting because I like the way my pants fit now, however, If I lower my chin in a certain angle I see 2 chins. I’m serious! (don’t laugh) I know I’ve had some bad eating habits and can do better fitness wise. What I have tried to do is: have a consistent bedtime (even on the weekends), and set out some time to take classes but my work schedule also makes this difficult.

5. TV and lots of it. Game of Thrones comes back soon, and really everything I watch now is just a filler until GOT comes back! Here’s a short list of what keeps me entertained:

  • The Slap (NBC)
  • Married at First Sight (Season 2)
  • Fresh off the boat
  • Empire
  • Girls
  • Being Mary Jane

That’s pretty much it. When I’m not blogging, I’m probably watching TV so maybe there will be more adventures to share once Spring is here to stay! Time for cafecito, She

Things My Life Consists Of

R&B Divas- Will You Watch?

I know I hardly talk about TV or pop culture on this blog, but there’s a first time for everything.

I’ve been seeing the ads for this new reality show that premieres on August 20th for a while now. The only reason that it caught my eye is because it features 5 ladies that are all unique artists, all bring back classic memories for me, they had legit careers, and are women who don’t seem to be hungry for TV-time, or attention.

I’m an R&B girl. On any given day, my Pandora playlist is filled with 80% of R&B Artists. Lots of them had their moment in the early 90’s. Most are women. Let’s focus a little more on the cast of the show, one by one. From what I can gather, Faith Evans thought to make this show happen and make a compilation album with all the ladies, after the passing of Whitney Houston. See trailer below. What I liked most about it, is that it’s collaborative and not DRAMA-DRIVEN. But a little drama ain’t never hurt nobody either. 🙂

Diva #1: Faith Evans

After Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans was my second most favorite artist when I was younger. She was fly, classy and light-skinned. 🙂 What, I can’t like an artist that looked like me in the mirror? I still admire Evans to this day because even after all the public drama she went through being married to Biggie, she led her life being dedicated to her family and her reputation.

Diva #2: Monifah

And if the sun don’t shine, you brighten up my day...”Monifah introduced me to Heavy D, and I owned her first album, which I would play faithfully before I even knew what she was truly singing about. She also introduced me to this gospel song, which also makes me nostalgic.

Diva #3: KeKe Wyatt

I don’t know much about KeKe Wyatt except that she was featured on Avant’s track and one of my favorite all time love songs: My First Love. I don’t think she had much success on her solo project.

Diva #4: Syleena Johnson

Another Diva I don’t know too much about, except she made a guest appearance in another one of my favorite videos: Kanye West’s All Falls Down.

Diva #5: Nicci Gilbert

I have never heard of this woman before the trailer. Is she even a singer? Maybe you guys can fill in some information for me.

I do wish there was one other artist on the show we just don’t see enough about: TAMIA!! Mya is also hiding out somewhere, I don’t want to say she fell off- but she’s been trying to release her project for way too long.

Will you be watching? If so, Who else do you wish was being featured on the show?

R&B Divas- Will You Watch?

My Summer So Far…

I know it’s not technically summer, but since classes have been over for awhile (maybe 2 or 3 weeks, who’s keeping count?) I feel that my summer is already under way.

What have I been doing besides wearing the same Interview outfit over the past couple of weeks? (in no particular order)

Making cheesy collages like this one…
  • Decided against straightening my hair for the summer to prevent the battle against humidity
  • Fell in love all over again with blogging
  • Have been blessed by God beyond belief not only to be attending my dream school for Grad Studies, but to have an awesome community of people who are supporting me along the way
  • Joined some other new social site where people are signing up to meet people aka Flirt: Badoo
  • Also joined LinkedIn- and cringe every time I’m notified that I’m connected to someone by e-mail
  • Read Animal Farm and started 50 Shades of Grey
  • Have felt like I’m loosing my religion by continuing said journey through 50 Shades of Grey and since then have not read past page 125ish
  • Washing my hair almost every other day (a practice I’m not used to)
  • Acting kinda skankish
  • Responsibly gotten my mid-yearly Status check-up
  • Adopted a little sister of sorts
  • Have lamented over countless hours behind my computer screen
  • Experimented painting my nails in some funky summer colors
  • Have contemplated doing my follow up vlog to Rejection
  • Have suffocated on humid nights trying to sleep in a room that gets no outside ventilation
  • Fallen asleep late night next to my bed buddy aka my laptop
  • Pondered over paying any mind to the new season of Love and Hip & Hop: Atlanta
  • Found out about the political climate in certain states while performing telephone surveys- my unofficial ‘job’ of the moment
  • Have set intentions to start reviewing my coursework/start refreshing my memory before Grad school begins
  • Am contemplating having a quiet birthday, although I’d rather be spoiled.

As you can see, my summer so far has been filled with all kinds of trivialities. I can’t say that I want it any other way right now.

What are some habits/plans of yours that mark the official beginning of summer?

My Summer So Far…