She Shares Morning Tea

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My iPad didn’t want me to be great today, but I still wanted to share what’s rockin’ my world. If you get to the end, you’ll see why.

Video highlights:

My bra-less life

New Hair/New Lashes

Big Move!

What’s Rockin’ Your World as of late?



She Shares Morning Tea

VLOG: When You Don’t Feel Valued as a Professional (SLP)

She shares Pro’s and Con’s of working in a school building full time as a speech and language pathologist:


  • I love the population I work with. (Learn more about autism here.)
  • I’m ┬álearning how to manage a large caseload.
  • Therapy is not a one-size fits all, I’m getting creative on how to meet my student’s individualized needs.
  • I like some of the experiences of being fully immersed in a school.


  • People, people, people!! (better known as Co-workers)
  • When you don’t feel respected as a professional.
  • When you have a hard time collaborating with teachers.

How do you (as an SLP or a member of the IEP team) manage working with difficult people or teachers? Have you ever worked on a school team that didn’t value your input as a professional?



VLOG: When You Don’t Feel Valued as a Professional (SLP)

Why I Chose Speech Language Pathology: VLOG

Speech language pathology is one of those fields that has so much depth and breadth, I love hearing stories of how people came to choose this career path.

This video may need to be watched in parts…but what can I say, when it comes to one’s passion, it’s hard to contain yourself!

To all interested students, grad-school hopefuls and curious people alike, discover What is speech language pathology?...and Why I Chose it!

If you’re an SLP, SLP2B, or student at any level…I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave comment and let me know why you chose SLP!


Why I Chose Speech Language Pathology: VLOG

Delayed but Not Denied

Applications and admission to Graduate school in Speech Language Pathology is no joke. It is a most competitive field (Read: I don’t think people know how much training goes into what we do!) and while people pose questions like What are the least competitive Grad programs, for some students it’s just about the opportunity to set their career in motion. An undergraduate degree in this major will not get you very far, a Masters degree is necessary to be licensed and practice as a Speech Language Pathologist in most states.┬á

This is the time for Wait Lists, Acceptance correspondence and the big R word. 


For any hopeful #SLPeeps out there who are still waiting for good news, remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Rejection is not the FINAL word. It does not mean you’re a loser, or that you are not meant for this field. IT just means your story varies a little bit from others. Be encouraged, and keep pushing for your passion.

I was there once,


NEED A PICK-ME-UP? Watch this:

(Posted on March 26, 2012)

Keep hope alive!

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Delayed but Not Denied