Why I Chose Speech Language Pathology: VLOG

Speech language pathology is one of those fields that has so much depth and breadth, I love hearing stories of how people came to choose this career path.

This video may need to be watched in parts…but what can I say, when it comes to one’s passion, it’s hard to contain yourself!

To all interested students, grad-school hopefuls and curious people alike, discover What is speech language pathology?...and Why I Chose it!

If you’re an SLP, SLP2B, or student at any level…I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave comment and let me know why you chose SLP!


Why I Chose Speech Language Pathology: VLOG

What are you built for?: Prepping for Haiti

I am soooooo excited about my Alternative Spring Break that I can hardly focus on the work that needs to get done before I leave  (namely, a 10-page paper).

I travel to Haiti on next Sunday, March 10th through Monday, March 18th. This will be the first place I go where I officially don’t speak the language, and English is not very common there.

I can understand and say some basic French phrases, but not so much Haitian Kreyol (besides the ever-famous Sak Pase?!). Kreyol is one of two official languages in Haiti (the other being French). Kreyol is a mix of French, some African Languages as well as other languages such as Spanish, English, Portuguese (according to Wikipedia.)

So, over the next few days I’ll be using YouTube and some Haitian friends to assist teaching me some conversational phrases. So far, I have:

Bonjou– Good morning

Mwe rele Tracey- My name is Tracey.

Mwe pa pale Kreyol– I don’t speak Kreyol.

Pa de kwa– You’re welcome.

Also, this week Howard welcomed Haitian-American author Edwidge Danticat for a lecture entitled “Our Stories, Ourselves.” I got a chance to meet her, and was very excited since I am a fan of her work!

(L-R) Esther, Edwige Danticat, Dr. Elie, me
(L-R) Esther, Edwidge Danticat, Dr. Elie, me

In her lecture she told an anecdote of a time she was flying and her plane got hit by lightning. She said it felt like the floor was on fire, everything went black and there was silence.

Then the pilot came over the speaker:

Uhh..folks. Everything is fine. The plane was built for this.”

The question Mrs. Danticat took away from this experience, is one I’ve begun asking myself… I believe we are all built to withstand many things.

What am I built for?

What in life, were you built to endure? I believe many of us come to discover that, if we don’t already know.  I think Haiti might be able to help me with that answer.

What are you built for?: Prepping for Haiti

Monday Motivation: Be Good (Lion’s Song) by Gregory Porter

Be Good is her name, I trim my lion’s paw and I cut my mane. And I would

If I could, but that woman treats me the same.

If I watch this over and over, eventually I will form all the pieces of the puzzle.

For now, I’m just mesmerized by the surface beauty.

What do you make of it?